Top 7 African countries. During my travels I have visited 10 African countries and during their stay in them, I always tried to go to places of entertainment, I mean discos, bars and nightclubs.

In this article I will talk about African nightclubs and beautiful girls attending them. As well as a rating of Top 7 African countries for nightlife and entertainment.

And so women in African clubs for the most part are very attractive and sexy, an exception may be only country with strict rules of Islam, in consequence of which there is a girl from head to toe dressed in clothes and on the face of them hijab. For this reason, to judge their appearance is not possible.


Top 7 African countries with nightlife

7. Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)
About any active night life on the island had not heard me. Many girls fully walled in clothes even at 40 degrees heat. The exceptions are some hotels that can be carried out once a week for tourists disco. 

On approaching the island

Beach in Zanzibar

Local women in the heat 40, fully dressed in clothes. Closer to photograph them did not that would not embarrass.

6. Morocco
Morocco is an Islamic country, while at the same time, a significant proportion of young people in big cities is quite modern and acquainted with the Moroccan girl with a knowledge of the language is not such a problem. Plus tourist cities a lot of tourists. Less Moroccan night-life high prices. For example, the price of the entrance to one of the most popular nightclubs Marrakech 30 euros, 50 grams of vodka 15 euros. Local girls in these clubs may even offer their sexual services for a fee.
So I visited the resort Agadir similar prices and nightclubs half empty, all the people sitting in a cafe in the street.


Club 555 in Marrakech

5. Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, the night life is present both in the capital Addis Ababa and in the periphery. On the periphery of most of the girls are modest and may meet just for the sake of communication, for something more you need a certain time. There are exceptions, that for their sexual services to ask for money. In the capital, girls are more looseness, but a significant part of them, and especially the most attractive will try to show off at your expense, and the night with such beauty is worth the money.

Ethiopian woman in nightclub

Addis Ababa
Ethiopian girls at prestigious club

4. Senegal
In the capital of Senegal, Dakar, night life for the traveler concentrated in the center. Most likely there are nightclubs and on the outskirts, but to go there think white would be risky. In the clubs a lot of attractive girls, but as is the case with Ethiopia for the majority of tourists on their own interests. Probably it is possible to get acquainted with the girl in Dakar without mercantile interests, but then have to go to the club away from the center. Also a plus is the presence of Dakar beach holiday.

Dakar beach

СSenegal nightclub

Senegalese girl

Senegalese girl

3. Rwanda
Rwanda is a country without cellophane, as he denied it completely. Just Rwanda today is one of the safest countries in Africa. The capital of Rwanda, Kigali, a modern city by African standards. Nightlife is most active on weekends. In Kigali, not a bad choice of nightclubs decent level, there are a lot of attractive girls. Met in Kigali club with a girl, it is not too difficult, and to continue her dialogue with money or "out of love" will partly depend on your attitude.


Night Club in Kigali

2. Uganda
Uganda Night life is concentrated mainly in the capital Kampala. There is a casino and enough bars and nightclubs, at various levels. Just Kampala is known to many fans of sex tourism. In consequence, night clubs here can be divided into "love of money" and for fans to hang out. For those who like to hang out there are clubs European average in several floors and several dance floors. In such clubs is not that does not prevent looking for a woman for the development of relations. The first club in which we had the visit is precisely where the "love of money". As soon as we sat down at the table, we were immediately joined by several beautiful girls, and everyone is trying to attract attention and to please, by all means available.

Night club in Kampala

UgandaNight club in Kampala

Nightclub in Uganda

Kenya ranked first African countries with well-developed nightlife where you can have a great time. The main nightlife is concentrated in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, in the resort town of Mombasa. In the capital of a girl capricious and demanding. Nairobi is a kind of African Moscow. In Mombasa is much easier, plus the city is located on the ocean, so nightlife can be combined with a beach holiday. In Mombasa it is easy to get the love of money, but not much more difficult just to get acquainted with the girl and to develop normal relations with it. In Mombasa, the girls are very sociable and can themselves go on contact. With us even got to know in the supermarket. Many girls in Kenya believe that they will meet the generous white guy who will marry her and take away with them. And such examples do have I even had to deal with such pairs.

Beach in Mombasa

Nightclub in Mombasa

Kenyan woman in a nightclub in Mombasa

Kenyan girl

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