Video report about the journey into one of the most extreme and at the same time amazing and beautiful places on the planet Danakil desert in Ethiopia. In this video you will see a hike to the crater of the volcano with the lava lake Erta Ale, Dallol crater alien landscapes and Salt Lake Assal.

Desert Dannakil many sources is the hottest place on earth. The average annual temperature is 34 degrees, and in summer the temperature can reach 63 degrees.
The crater of the volcano Erta Ale is one of five in the world with vkraterov lava lake and in my opinion the most interesting.
The crater of the volcano Dallol known for his ethereal landscapes . In 1926, when a strong explosion was formed lake was colored purple and yellow. Dallol is located at an altitude of 48 meters below sea level. This is the lowest land volcano. Being in this place there is a feeling that you get to another planet. This is confirmed by the astronomer, who argue that the Dallol is similar to the surface of Io -. Jupiter's moon
Salt Lake Assal. The lake is 155 meters below sea level and is considered to be the lowest point in Africa. Assal is the most saline lake in the world, along with the Dead Sea. The lake is surrounded by dense salinity soil salinization and it creates a very unusual species in Africa, it seems that everything is covered with snow.
Also, you will learn about the Afar tribe and customs that monstrous practice this tribe. 

Video journey to the desert Danakil: Erta Ale, Dallol. Lake Assal, the Afar tribe

Erta Ale volcano


Erta Ale volcano


Danakil Desert

Danakil Desert

Danakil Desert

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