Budget travel is largely dependent on the cost of airfare to the destination. In this article I look at how you can buy cheap air tickets, where and at what time to buy airline tickets profitable.

Buy cheap air tickets - Tips for tourists and travelers

There are two main factors on which depends airfare.

1. Where do you buy tickets
2. When you do

There is also some additional buying opportunities cheapest flights.
a) Special offers flights
b) The accumulation of miles
c) Discounted flights
g) Purchase tickets at loukosterov

air tickets

Where better to buy cheap airline tickets

To buy a ticket, you have two choices: buy it at the office of the airline or the intermediary and the Internet.
Buying tickets at the office, its value will be higher due to the fact that you have to work to pay rent premises and equipment maintenance staff in the room. Buying tickets on the Internet, you are dealing directly with the airline or Ticket Agency not overpaying for it.

When buying tickets online, you will automatically reduce the price.
To purchase tickets online, I recommend to use flight search tool  Cheap flights , since the system is looking for tickets for 728 airlines reservation systems of 5 and 40 agencies and you do not have to monitor several sites comparing prices, you'll be in one place.

When to buy air tickets

If you want to buy cheap tickets, then plan your vacation in advance. Usually, the cheapest air tickets sold in just a few months before departure (if not to take into account last-minute flights). To find out how much time it turns out the best price on a particular area, you should subscribe to the direction you are interested in. On http://www.jetradar.com/ have the opportunity, in addition to sending your dates are prices for other months, so it will be able to compare. It is also possible by using monitoring prices at different times. To facilitate the task of finding cheap tickets, special calendar has been created. In order to see the price on specific dates of the month, click the mouse to the desired month.

Special offers flights

Almost every airline makes deals on airline tickets, when the cost to them may be less than 50%. To get to such action is necessary to know when which airline generally makes such offers or pre-subscribe. At the same time pay attention to the conditions of the sale: the period and the period rasprodazhnym flight tickets.

Buy ticket for miles and how to accumulate airline miles

Flying any airline, as a bonus, and to further attract passengers, airlines give passengers a mile. In the future, you can use these miles, reducing the cost of the ticket or even get it for free, that is, exclusively for miles. It is also worth to note that airline alliances eaten. So you can use your miles to buy tickets of different airlines of the alliance. For example, Aeroflot is the Sky Team alliance and flying Air France or of Delta, you can earn miles for Aeroflot. So how is it possible to accumulate miles?

There are at least two ways to accumulate miles

1) The accumulation of miles with the help of loyalty programs
Do airlines have special programs to help do it. Aeroflot has called Miles, Transaero - Transaero privilege. The program's purpose is - the more you fly, the more you get a mile. For each flight plus miles than the distance between the points of departure and arrival, the more balls or miles you receive for the flight.
For example, for economy class return ticket from Moscow to Madrid, you get 500 balls and what to buy air ticket Moscow - Bangkok for the balls, you need 5,000 balls.
At this point, I described the essence of the program, but in such actions on the accumulation of miles, so many nuances to be aware of the airline's website.
2) Accumulation of miles by using credit cards.
Most people do not often buy tickets and fly all over the world, on the accumulation of the required number of miles or balls for the purchase of the ticket may be delayed. But the process of accumulation of miles may be accelerated by means of bank cards.
Not everyone knows that the airlines have partners, banks that issue credit cards as debit and credit that can help you earn miles, which would then have to buy a ticket. The operating principle is simple, you pay for goods using a data card and get it for balls. For example, in Transaero spent over $ 100 you get 1 point (the number of balls can be changed), and if it's platinum card is 4, and if you pay by card purchases abroad for 7 balls. Around it is already possible to calculate how much and where you can buy tickets, making repairs in the apartment or building a house. And you could spend that money in the usual way for nothing is not receiving, except of course the goods purchased.
The higher the status of the card, the more bonuses you can get on it. For example: in gold and platinum card may already include health insurance abroad, which for many travelers is a big plus.

Which airline to choose to buy tickets for a mile

Which airline to choose you have to decide based on their own priorities, examining the conditions of accumulating miles, which by the way are subject to change. For example, companies that take advantage of a free ticket for miles once a year it is necessary to buy a ticket at full price or see the route award flights each airline its own.

Last minute flights

Option with a burning plane tickets for those who are not tied to a place, time, and also to whom does not matter much where to go and who has a visa to visa destination countries. Many tour operators purchase the block of seats for tours and in this case the price of the tickets is lower than for the general consumer. But sometimes it turns out that a certain direction can be claimed not completely and then that would minimize the loss of air tickets sold. The closer the day of departure the lower the price of these tickets.

Purchase tickets at the low-cost airlines (low cost carriers)

Low-cost - this airline, whose services and various benefits for passengers is minimized, whereby the price of their tickets is much lower than the rest. Namely, there is no power on board, the restriction on the free baggage. Just their tickets are sold through the internet and through dealers and there is no need to include cashiers.
To find low-cost airlines flying in a certain direction, you can use the search engine http://www.flylowcostairlines.org

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