The real experience of visiting the most dangerous countries, as well as an overview of night life in them. In the world there are so many interesting and beautiful country towns that attract tourists, however, many of these places are dangerous to life.

When traveling, I and my friends, visited many countries are included in the list of the most dangerous in many of the world rankings. By this, I then decided to make a list of the most dangerous places in which I visited my friends and therefore much to experience for yourself. It will also be given some attention to the night life in these countries. At the end of the article will not only photos but also videos of the country №1 of this ranking.

And so:
Seventh place Somalia

Ironically occupies Somaliland is not recognized by the state, is officially part of Somalia, with the capital city of Hargeisa. Somalia The country itself has long been known for its pirates and crime. The capital of Somaliland - Hargeisa different from Mogadishu for the better. In Hargeisa few days has been my friend and basically felt safe, Though people walking around with guns but no one is shooting , although it is possible prior to the event, and the speed of the Internet is the Russian in the big cities.


The city itself is a continuous flea market. Within hours, many people knew who he was and what was the name. He took a tour there in Laas-Gil, such as the eighth wonder of the world, cave paintings of primitive man. On the way back he was contacted by the head of the country's department of tourism and called for an interview. They brought him there began to ask about Russia, about Gorbachev, Putin, Ukrainian theme Negotiate. Putin gives them a lot of respect, and asked to give him, so he came to him to work after Russia. Mentally talked, gave guest book Somaliland, where they write the name, country, date of stay. Russian names were also there.

Sixth place the country's capital, Guatemala Guatemala


I had to go in this town travel, in other Guatemalan city of Antigua is the most popular among tourists. The town itself with its surrounding natural scenery is one of the most beautiful cities in Central America. But given the fact that the city is on the border with Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador drugs play an important role in the life of the city. Together with the great poverty of the population and huge arms trafficking, crime has huge figures here. The city has one of the highest homicide rates in Central America - 42 per 100 000 inhabitants.

Fifth place El Salvador San Salvador

San Salvador

San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, with a population of about 600 thousand people. Statistics show that 100 000 people account for 45 murders. I stayed in this city for several days, and the most important thing that catches your eye is the more than the number of weapons on the hands . Even in the most run-down little shops can be a security guard with a a firearm.

 El Salvador

At the same time in the evening, we asked the taxi driver to take us to the local disco, but he took us to a strip bar. Entrance fee $ 5, and you give plus a bottle of beer or whiskey. At the completion of the evening, we were drunk in the city at 2am and sang a song "Oh drunk, I drunk I will not reach me to the house," as it is not strange to the hotel, we arrived and no one is trying to rob.

 Fourth place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Honduras capital Tegucigalpa, is very similar to San Salvador, also at the hands of a large number of weapons and each diner armed guard.


The difference is that 100 thousand residents account for 102 murders a year. In general, the most dangerous city in the world is considered Gondurasky city of San Pedro Sula, where 100 thousand people come 160 murders a year. But no, I do not my friends in it were not for this I did not included in the rating.
As soon as we arrived in Tegucigalpa on the bus, an elderly couple told us that we could take only a yellow taxi and got into the car to the fish is. Walk around the city with cameras, people periodically come up to us and said that it is better to remove, or could rob.
In the evening, we asked the taxi driver to take us to a nightclub. He did what we asked, but the club has been very similar to the hot spot. After a while we settled down there hooked us two ladies. Next action which surprised me, they got cocaine and began to sniff it and all the surrounding perceived it as a routine . The next thing that surprised me is the fact that the club was a toilet at all and there was no door , that is, all stood in line waiting for the next to the toilet when it's their turn. 

Third place Nicaragua Managua


Managua put in third place due to the fact that a couple of my friends, almost lost her life there, although most of the ratings this city does not figure among the most dangerous. This couple had hired a taxi, allegedly an official at the airport. On the way to them hooked another two, a man and a woman and a hefty boarded so that they were among them. After some time, the local just nagging them knives and said that they gave all that is. Taking everything they demanded credit card number which was very decent money, but they somehow miraculously managed to convince criminals, only hotels that can be paid for the card. At some point, the robbers were about to kill the couple, that would just simply get rid of witnesses. Again, incredible efforts they managed to convince the bandits that they are or who do not say anything just to keep them alive.


At the same time, I personally visited Nicaragua, including Managua, faced not with any signs of hostility and violence. In the local cafes, we were treated with great reverence learned that we were from Russia. According to Managua ezdiyut Russian cars and buses with the inscription Nicaragua -. Russia
In the evening, we asked the taxi driver that he took us to a nightclub, and told us about the night life, the capital of Nicaragua. The taxi driver told me that you can get everything, including drugs and prostitutes from $ 8-10 if you want the cheapest in Managua that inhabit the lush locations and several hundred that are in expensive restaurants and a casino.
In the end, he brought us out into the street where there were several places of entertainment. At this point, we met with the local youth, and not bad spent.

Second place Venezuela Caracas


Venezuela is almost always included in the ratings of the most dangerous countries for visits occupying the top line of the rating. At the same time, travelers and tourists visit this country, for example, for what would go to the highest waterfall in the world Angel and relax on the island of Margarita. Huge level of crime in Venezuela is associated with great poverty as the country itself, as well, and its population. Another not unimportant factor in the country there is a black currency market, which is at times different from the official, this all foreigners traveling to the country with cash and a foreigner there feel a mile away. I feel like criminals and the corrupt cops who are themselves not averse to profit. Many travelers make recommendations that are in Caracas to go out with no more than $ 20 and with the cheapest camera.


My friend while in Caracas on a business trip, came out of the hotel in the evening for a cigarette, and is back with a broken arm and shorts.

First place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (region of Chechnya), Omo Valley


I believe Ethiopia, one of the most interesting and colorful countries for travelers seeking new experiences, not only of the countries in which I have been able to visit, but also in the world. The country itself could be described as quite safe except for some regions, for example. District of Chechnya in Addis Ababa and the valley of the Omo River
It is believed that Chechen district got its name from the fact that Chechnya Ethiopians believe than that a very distant and frightening. In this way it was named the most blighted neighborhood in Addis Ababa. Not a lucky taxi driver to tourists in the evening, as the for the local gapoty rob white is considered the highest chic . And in itself the crime rate there is very high due to high poverty population. Local girls out on the street in the evenings offering sexual services from 2-3 $
In Addis Ababa itself apart from the area of ​​Chechnya, largely developed by petty crime -. Pickpocketing, etc.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

I personally had to deal with this, but savvy youngsters have been stopped at the scene. In general, Ethiopians are very well belong to Russians, of course, know and respect Mr Putin, as well as know our athletes - Kabaeva, Arshavin, etc.
Nightlife is not as intense as in some other places, but to dance and drink places abound.

Mursi tribe

Valley of the Omo River in a unique place which is inhabited by tribes preserve their way of life for thousands of years. All would be nothing but the region is home to two families who are considered the most aggressive in the world. The most famous Mursi tribe, less well-known tribe Surma. Surma tribe has not received such fame as Mursi since it is in a very difficult accessible place. But this tribe is not less aggressive, perhaps due to the fact that there is less contact with civilization than even the bole aggressive Surma.
A guide, a Ukrainian, 20 years old residing in Ethiopia, went to make contact with this tribe, which would carry tourists. So there it broke a club foot and drove the jeep, so he had to quickly bring down, glad that remained alive .
The tribe Mursi, more affordable for travelers and 95% of tours for them is calm so as guides take tourists to the familiar families and try not to deviate from the route. But otherwise the consequences may not be predictable in principle with us happened.
All Adventures in the tribe Murici you can see in this video.

Video journey to the Mursi tribe

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