My journey to East Africa, along the route Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania - Zanzibar, duration 25 days I had committed with my friend Michael. Originally, I planned to visit Africa a few years ago, but it so happened that instead of Africa for a month gone to Asia. But the idea the black continent did not give me rest.

And the circumstances are such that we are with Michael bought tickets to Mombasa, Kenya, in the city on the Indian Ocean and is now traveling in Africa has become a reality. We had to go not just in Africa, but in the Black Africa, which has little in common with the northern part of the continent. The States of North Africa - Egypt, Carthage, and later the Arab Maghreb countries, were part of quite another Mediterranean civilization. Black Africa was separated from them by the Sahara desert and developed almost in isolation to the time of colonization. But in our time, the region has not lost its color. In Africa, the unique and wonderful nature, and in some places it has been preserved almost in its original form. African safari, considered the best in the world. Africa bordered by two oceans and provides great opportunities for beach holidays, water sports and entertainment. And of course, Africa is the ancestral home of mankind.
In the region of the first man appeared between the south and the north of present-day Ethiopia Tanzania. At the same time Africa hottest point on the planet, here comes the most military conflicts. unique culture of violence has developed in Africa, where several generations perceive the violent resolution of disputes normal. A boy of 8-10 years old is already a warrior and a killer and there are many countries where it is in order. So far, here are practiced ritual human sacrifice, often the victims of these rituals are children. Eats tribes that as a gift to the bride, the groom must present to the genitals of his enemy. There are still peoples who do not obey and do not obey any of the government and do not pay taxes.

With such a wealth of knowledge we had to go on a trip to Africa. Of course we did not go into the inferno and choose, we can say calm region of East Africa are the four Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda - the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. The budget of our trip turned out about 130 thousand. Rubles per person, including flights and alcohol in duty free. The plan of our voyage on the black continent, we tried that he was the most intense and included various types of tourism. At the same time everything was planned so that the country visits were not similar, that is, if we were in Kenya on safari, there is no reason to go on a safari in Uganda and Rwanda, which hardly compares to Kenya. Our plans were carried out almost completely and as a result we have received:

Travel route for East Africa
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In Kenya - safari in the national park of the country, visiting the original Maasai tribe (was combined with safari), small cultural and historical part (examination of the old town of Mombasa) and beach - rave rest. In total, in Kenya we stayed 12 days. Two days on arrival in Mombasa, beach and rest after the flight and the preparation for the further journey. Five days of safari and the last five days of our trip were also held in Mombasa and isolated beach - you like this holiday. All the visited places in Kenya (Mombasa - Nairobi - National Parks: (Amboseli, Baringo, Bogoria, Masai Mara, Naivasha, Nakuru) Read more



In Uganda - cultural-historical part, was a tour of the capital Kampala. One evening was devoted to visiting the local night club of Kampala. Two days have been allocated for the tracking in the mountains of Ruwenzori, the ecosystem of the planet's oldest and one of the last places almost unexplored by man. Now I consider that this was not enough, it was necessary to allocate at least three days. In total, in Uganda we spent 5 days. Read more


In Rwanda - sightseeing tour of the capital Kigali, the country modernized and visit the villages of pygmies. In Rwanda, we spent two days and early in the morning of the third day flew to Zanzibar. Read more


Africa Zanzibar - Beach vacation and cultural - historical program in Stone - Town. On the beach holiday in Zanzibar, we have identified three of the day, we decided to relax a bit after a long and moments do not just travel. A day spent in Stone Town, a few hours was a tour of the "Stone Town" with a local guide. Read more

And at the end of our tour, as it was written above, we are back to Mombasa to spend the last five days, resting only. Photos of our trip and practical information about the countries we visited can be found in this section. In the future, I plan to write a report on each of the visited countries.

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