On this page you will find all the video taken during his travels, one of the most interesting countries in Africa, which lives on your calendar and time Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is one of the most interesting countries on the African continent. The country is living on his own time and calendar. Ethiopia Time differs from the conventional world, for six hours down. Ethiopia is probably the only country in the world that lives according to the Julian calendar, is considered approved by the Queen of Sheba has about 3 thousand years ago. New Year is celebrated from 11th to 12th September. In this calendar, unlike ours, 13 months - 12 months of 30 days and one month of five or six days. In Ethiopia, there is even a tourist slogan- "13 months of sunshine."

Ethiopia is one of the few places on the planet, where they still remain, the tribes have maintained their way of life inherited from their ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago. There are an amazing historical and religious monuments such as Axum and Lalibela. At the same time, the country has amazing natural attractions, such as the Danakil desert and volcano Erta Ale.
In this section you can see a video filmed by me during a trip to Ethiopia. Not all managed to go where they wanted, what still managed to look.

Ethiopia video

The crater of the volcano Erta Ale

Ethiopia video

Video Mursi tribe

Video report on the visit to one of the most aggressive and at the same time interesting and colorful tribes on earth Mursi. Mursi tribe in Ethiopia live in the valley of the Omo River.
Mursi tribe called the most aggressive in the world. The psychology of the men of the tribe since childhood lays the fact that he must live in battles and dangers. All household in the village is on women. Men can only protect livestock activity for the rest of them are considered shameful. All spend their free time in games and unpretentious decorating his body with various patterns and scars. One of the most famous jewelry women Mursi is dishes that are inserted into the lower lip, sometimes even as at the top. In this video report, you will learn more about the customs and life of the tribe Mursi, as well as the visit of the tribe of me and my friend Michael.

Video tribe Hamer

Video report about the journey to the tribe Hamer (Hamer). In this video you will see how we spent the whole day in the tribe Hamer, visited the homes of the tribe, singing songs around the campfire and drank local Braga.
Hamer Tribe, is together with the tribes of Mursi and Surma, is one of the most interesting and original tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. The tribe practiced a number of interesting and unusual traditions, which including you can learn from this video.

Video dancing in Hamer tribe

Video dancing Hamer tribe. You this video you can see how my friend Michael dancing and singing songs at night, together with representatives of the tribe Hamer (Hamar).

Located in the village of Hamer, after dinner we went out of the tent, and all around is already pitch dark. Prior to this, the guide told us that would be after dinner we went to the stake. Bonfire was not visible, but it could be heard as the Hamer sing, these songs, we decided to turn on the flashlight. Five minutes later we saw Hamer dancing and singing in the dark. Since we were already on the paddle after drinking brandy Micah joined them.

Videos Hamer tribe in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, there are still tribes, which surprised the white man, one of those tribes Hamer (Hamar). In this video you will see just such a moment.
Hamer tribe living in the eastern lowlands of the Omo Valley, Turmi area of the city and have a population of about 50 thousand people. In contrast to the Mursi tribe Hamer considered friendly. Hamer 90% Sunni Muslims, although this religion believe they successfully with their traditional customs. The tribe Hamer practiced some interesting customs of which you will be able to learn from the video.

Video Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia

Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia, located in the Danakil desert - this is one of the most amazing places on the planet. On this page you will see a video of the volcano crater of boiling lava.
Erta Ale volcano is located in the remote Afar region in northeastern Ethiopia. This is one of the very few in the world where you can get close to the crater of the volcano with the lava. And probably the only place in the world where so-called passive eruption occurs within 40 years.

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