Travel to Africa from Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal. The first point in the journey was the Moroccan city of Fez. Fez - the former capital of the country's oldest cities of Morocco and its spiritual center.

Africa - Morocco Fes first day.

The city of contradictions, "you say that you go to Fez, but I know that you do not go in Fes ...". - The old adage.

Videos about traveling in Morocco Fez - Day 1-2

Photos from the trip to Fez

The old city of Fez

Road to Morocco

And so I am back in Africa and this is the first day of my next trip to the continent, but I was not able to get to Africa without incident. Namely, about 3-4 months before the trip I bought a ticket to Moscow - Fez at a very attractive price of about 150 dollars. I bought a ticket and was satisfied, and ignored the nuances. About these nuances, I thought 2-3 days before departure. Nuances such flight Moscow Fez goes with a change in Barcelona.

Arrives in Barcelona in terminal 1 and terminal 2. The departure from For example, if you arrive at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport there may be a similar situation, when arriving at one terminal and the departure from the other, but this is no problem. In this case, for 2-3 days prior to departure is something in me snapped and decided to check precisely this situation. I began to view Russian-language sites on which it was written that from one terminal to another free shuttle bus that will drive you 10 minutes to the other terminal. Some sites had even written that the move is carried out on private communications. But again I doubt crept in and I started to ask questions on the forums of travel on this route. And on one of the forums, one traveler told me that he had twice flown a similar route and both times he went outside the transit zone that would take the bus that carries to the other terminal. It turned out so that the Schengen visa was required in this situation, to get that I was not really up to 2 days.

I see that there is such situation wrote a letter to Barcelona airport from which I came to the answer that I need to find out the situation in the Spanish Embassy. Putting all the terms I decided to go on an adventure. But before I printed boarding pass flight from Barcelona to Fes, this card has played a very important role.

The venture was the following, I arrive in Barcelona, showing landing, I say that you wrote a letter to which it is not clear answer. I called the embassy I was told that the airport staff will help me. As a result, I had to convince the staff is that everything that depended on me, I did, and they need to bring in my runway to the other terminal.

Eventually I arrive in Barcelona in terminal 1 go to the passport control, an employee looking for a visa, and I tell her I do not have a visa. She looks at me wide-eyed. Then I explain the situation to her and show your boarding pass, I say that I still have to fly and I'm ready to go.

Then he takes my ticket from Moscow to Barcelona, a boarding pass for the flight Barcelona-Fes. 4 people gathered, who began to discuss what to do in this situation. Eventually came airport employee who conducted me official passes to the bus and the bus I drove to one of the terminal 2. It has turned out such an adventure, perhaps it will serve for kogo0to draw some conclusions in the preparation of such routes.

What else would add, having gone on this adventure, I was thinking through ways of retreat. That is, if the airport staff not transported me to the right terminal, then I would have bought over the Internet a ticket to Morocco departing from Terminal 1. Of course, in this case, I would have lost about $ 180 and 10 hours, but it ended well for me.

How to get to Fes from the Airport

From the airport to Fez can be reached at least 2 ways to take a taxi for 120 dirham = 12 $ and by bus for 20 dirham = $ 2
In fact, I got even cheaper, apparently, just sat on another bus, which stops near the airport. The fare was 4 a dirham $ 1 is approximately equal to 10 dirhams. The bus drove to the station, where I sat in a taxi, it would get to Medina, where I had booked a hotel. Taxi drivers on the road can dial with a further passengers. This is not the first country where I encounter a similar phenomenon.

Prices in Fez

Price for hotels
For 15-20 euros per night, you can stay in a good room in a hostel.

Food prices
Tagine costs about 25 to 40 Dhs 2.5 is $ 4, this dish you can eat well.
Shawarma - 15 dirhams. On the day there will be enough of 10-20 dollars, if not go to expensive restaurants.

Transportation prices
Bus 4 dirham. Taxis are an average of 20 dirhams.

As soon as I came into the old town there was just a bunch of assistants. But all around the colorful and interesting.

Fes Old city

Looking ahead, I will say that the Moroccan population, which is in contact with tourists targeted in every way to lure money from them. As I walked to my hotel with me stuck so-called Assistant, which I immediately said that it did not need help, and my hotel I could find with GPS. Incidentally, small hotels in Medina is not easy to find. In fact, these hotels is the home of a man who wanted to earn extra money. Well going by GPS, I saw that I needed was the alley and turned what would come back and immediately turn over to the alley saw no large sign with the name of the hotel I desired. This type also saw it and cried out, that's my hotel and that he found me. I waved him off and went to the hotel, when I opened the door, he also followed me, asking for money. I told him specifically said that he did not receive from me, then serving in the hotel kicked him.

But this, this story is not over. After a while came the owner of the hotel. I was treated to tea, I settled for room and then knock on the door again. The owner went to open it and I hear it is a covenant. I went, and there again, the kind of demands that I paid him. I told him again that he did not pay for that, and to me it does not work, and if he will take me right now, I'll put a video camera and the entire Internet to see live how he begs. Then he abruptly changed the face of English and moved to Arabic. He said a few suggestions to the owner of the hotel, and then, surprisingly, the hotel owner gave him 10 dirhams, after which he retired. So this type still got his way, he received a dollar.

National cuisine of Morocco

After this, I populate I went to a restaurant for lunch. Usually, I try the national cuisine of the country in which the am during his travels around the world. So this time, I decided to order a tagine. Tagine is a dish which is cooked in a pot, which is also called tagine, outwardly it looks like the type of dish or pan with a conical lid. Due to such a cover prevents the transmission of steam and the smell of food being prepared. In fact, in the tagine prepare almost anything you like meat, chicken vegetables fruits. I brought in this case beef with spices and egg in a special gravy. In this case, the sharp sour sweet dish I did not like. Although other variations tagine I've tried later I liked. Tagine cost an average of 40 dirham is about $ 4. Even in Fez, you can try the pies with the pigeons, it is unlikely that this can be attributed to the national cuisine, but there is such a dish. Try it I could not since I learned about it later, but saw cages with pigeons near the small cafes.

Tazhin national dish

The meeting with my African fellow traveler

Now according to the plan I had to meet with the two women, with whom the tourism forum, I and two of my friends have agreed to carry out the journey. Evening came, I was in the hotel and waited until they arrive, even though they had already come as a 2 hour ago. It started to rain, and all of them were not, and I began to worry if everything is in order. After some time I heard Russian speech, I left the room and saw Olga was one of those with whom I was to meet, the second Olga too, it appears, was lost.

It so happened that when they arrived at Medina, one had to find a hotel, and then they were supposed to meet at the appointed place. But for some reason in the appointed place they meet, it failed. Come along with the owner of the hotel to look for the second Olga rain. Again came to the appointed place, and walked all the lanes that were near, but to no avail.

I note that the search for the person in the medina is not grateful and without local, you can walk away at 50 meters and did not find. We returned to the hotel, the rain only intensified and moved to the downpour. Then spontaneously I decided to ask Olga, and whether a friend's phone, it turned out that there is. And it happened quite spontaneously, so I was still connected roaming. When you call to Olga, her mood was certainly a panic, it was understandable. Night, Africa, rainfall, some sort of fortress wall in front of her, walking beside some questionable types, or the homeless whether addicts, and she screams get me faster.

Based on the description of what she said on the phone all the places we have visited. Then I asked her to find someone decent view, you can give the phone and that he had explained to the owner of the hotel where to look. She handed the phone to the taxi driver, and after 10 minutes we found it.

Come on we had in the hotel at night in the rain and she tells me. Damn girlfriend said to me, Where are you going, what nafik Africa that you in Greece and Thailand is small, you want to fly to Africa to Tunisia sunbathing. And here is me befall on the first day, I was standing in the rain at night in all this horror and remember their words.

Then I tried to explain to her that traveling can happen anywhere and we must be prepared for this and similar things perceived as an adventure. And after a while you do this event will be remembered with humor. At the time, my words did not make the proper impression. But they had a full impact when, after 30 minutes we were at the hotel and drank a good alcohol, bought in duty free. Thus was my first day trip to Africa.

Africa - Morocco Fes second day

Sightseeing Ephesus - gate Bab Bou Jeloud, 14th century madrasah Bou Inania, Medina, tanners quarter.

Africa tour - Video of the second day in Fez

The second day of his stay in Fez, it was decided to dedicate exploring its attractions, as time was limited, it was taken into account only to the old town.

The old city of Fez

The old city of Fez

The old city of Fez

Fes Attractions

Fez – the former capital of Morocco, one of the oldest cities in the country, as well as its spiritual center. The city is considered the contradictions ... And the most different from the other cities of Morocco.

In Fez, there are several major attractions - it Royal Palace, the entrance to which is forbidden, so that a visit to this place is questionable. gate Bab Bou Jeloud, tanners Quarter, from which however nowadays almost nothing left. What's left of it you will see in the video. Madrasah of the 14th century Bou Inania. And of course she Medina with its narrow streets and unique flavor. Especially Medina will be interesting to people who are for the first time in such a place.

The gate of Bab Bou Acorn (Blue Gate)

Gate of Bab Bou Jeloud (Blue Gate), they are also the entrance to the medina. Gates built by the French in 1913, here come the coaches and travelers love to be photographed against the background of the gate. Gates are the most memorable in all of Fez Medina. Located next door to the original of the XII century is less popular among tourists.

gate Bab Bou Jeloud
The gate of Bab Bou Acorn (Blue Gate)

Madrasah of the 14th century Bou Inania

Madrasah of the 14th century Bou Inania, one of the outstanding models of world architecture. It is the only school in the city, which has its own minaret. Today Madrasa Bou Inania - a jewel, a precious masterpiece, indicating the richness of the ancient imperial city of Fez. This is one of the few madrasas in Morocco, which can enter the Gentiles.

Madrasa Bou Inania
Madrasa Bou Inania

Medina of Fez

Medina of Fez is divided into blocks of artisans. One of the main attractions of Medina was considered tanners quarter where the processing of animal skin occurred. Due to the nature of the skin treatment in the first quarter was difficult portable odor. In order that it is easier to be in a place we were given sprigs of mint. To date, the place of manufacture of a leather almost nothing left now in this place and build a hotel or restaurant. Get ahead, I will say I was in the field of skin treatment in Marrakech. I can say that the place is very colorful in many respects because of the smell distributed in places of treatment of the skin.

And of course she Medina is a landmark. Here you just need to walk about and look, buy anything, talk to people that would feel the essence of this place. But Medina is arranged so that is very easy to get lost and even GPS assistant here will be weak, as many streets just are not marked on the map. In this case, for a fee, find a way you can help assistants who periodically will approach you or navigators go beyond the medina to take a taxi and go to the right place.

Medina of Fez

Medina of Fez

Medina of Fez

Fes conclusions

Definitely interesting and original Fes city. Medina of Fez, is probably the most authentic in the whole of Morocco. The only spoil the impression pristavuchie aides, Marrakech but they are still arrogant, so it should be easy to take and maintain its strategy. Disappointed that destroyed the leather workshops. Now they are building, or a hotel, or restaurant.

How many days will allocate Fes: 2-3 days enough for Fez as one of the points of the trip.

In conclusion, I suggest again to make a video tour of the Fes

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