India is a country of dreams and romance, a land of wonders, both good and bad. India is so much different that most people do not even imagine how much. In this country, a huge number of things that can blow up the brain of an ordinary person.

India shocking rituals video

I'm pretty sure that most people will discover India from the other side after watching this video. In India there are not a few traditions and holidays that are not so widely known outside the country, but from this they do not become less shocking for most people.
For example, the Kumbh Mela festival, which attracts a huge number of pilgrims from all over the country, including A number of different ascetics and yogis, many of whom, especially for the sake of this holiday, leave their shelters. This holiday gathers a huge number of people, in 2007, 70 million people took part in it.



Many participants demonstrate their abilities, some of which may seem strange to say the least.


But all this fades against the background of the Aghori sect, whose life and rituals are beyond the bounds. Sect practiced ritual cannibalism, in addition, sectarians drink the urine of animals, live in places of cremations, smeared with ashes from the burning of people meditate.


Often they can be seen in the sacred city of Varanasi near the Ganges River, where they catch burned half-decayed corpses, which would then eat them. You might think that this is a bunch of insane people who did not have enough room in a psychiatric hospital.


In fact, this is not so, this is a sect known in India, which is not prohibited by law, to all else, engaged in charity. On their money, a hospital was built for lepers, where thousands of people were treated. If briefly, the essence of their religion is that everything in the world is a manifestation of God and bad and good and high and low and so they comprehend it and go to it. It was in this sect that CNN host Reza Aslan visited (Reza Aslan) and took part in ritual activities. At first, Aslan was wiped away by the ashes of a deceased person, and a crown of bones and jaws was put on his head. At the end he was given a piece of roasted brains on the brain of the deceased.


The main organ of the central nervous system of man, reminded him of charcoal. After this I once again come to a conclusion as far as the world surrounding us is ambiguous and the human psyche can perceive almost everything, much depends on what it was originally built into.

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