Kenya is an interesting exotic and fascinating country. Every tourist or a traveler going here to find here for themselves exercise or rest for the soul. But above all, Kenya is known for its safaris, one of the best in the world!

Kenya safari
Map Kenya's National Parks

Most tourists come to the country just for a safari to evaluate yourself and feel the magic of Kenya Wildlife.
The country has 60 national parks and reserves, and to many, the question is exactly which parks to visit, how they differ from each other and how much time to spend on it. Also quite a few important question safari cost. I was in Kenya, 14 days and five of them were carried out on safari. By Safaris I approached responsibly and studied not enough information, including reports of tourists and independent travelers. Learn the basic features of the national parks of Kenya and how much time to visit them, it is desirable to allocate. That as time was limited, and would like to see all the fun, I tried for the least amount of time possible to visit the most the most remarkable parks. So that these recommendations are largely to be based on their own experience. After talks with one of the Kenyan tour operators organize safaris and not only, I was such a program.

09/01/13 Day 1: Nairobi Amboseli National Park (Departure at around 1pm)
10/01/13 Day 2: Amboseli-Lake Nakuru National Park
11/01/13 Day 3: Lake Nakuru-Baringo, Bogoria, Lake Naivasha
01/12/13 Day 4: Lake Naivasha-Masai Mara
13/1/13 Day 5: Masai Mara-Nairobi-(Arrive around 5:30 pm)
All recorded pros cons will be discussed in the following recommendations

So what are the most interesting national parks worth visiting in Kenya and why. What is remarkable in every reserve and that can be seen during a safari in a particular park.

National parks of Kenya features and differences

These are recommendations for the duration of the national parks of Kenya is not an axiom, but rather a necessary minimum !!!

Safari in the Masai Mara

Masai Mara is in fact the continuation of the Serengeti National Park, which is located in Tanzania.

Map of the great migration of animals

It got its name in honor of Mara River, separating it and Maasai tribe living in the region. Masai Mara the most famous and popular park in the country and it is not casual. In the saturated animal reserve is almost the best in the world, it is home to about 80 species of animals and 450 species of birds. Here you can see the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, rhinoceros). The Masai Mara is possible with the bird's-eye view on the balloon to observe the animals and enjoy the wildlife. The price of one hour of pleasure $ 400-500. The most indisputable advantage Masai Mara is the opportunity to see the great migration of animals. At this time, a huge number of animals, most of them are wildebeest, as well as zebras and gazelles, only about 2 million, migrate through the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Masai Mara in search of new pastures. Meanwhile, their predators lurk. The most fascinating spectacle, when the animals boost the Mara River, and then to their meeting ready crocodiles. Even seeing crocodiles ready to attack, the animals still jump into the water driven by instinct. Due to the changing climate exact time migration is difficult to determine, but it is roughly from July to October.
The goal of a safari in the Masai Mara – эthe park's most populous animals, so that there is likelihood to see more animals, higher than in any other reserve. To see the great migration of animals.
How many days to allocate on a safari in the Masai Mara. During the planning of its Safarli I had hoped that in the Masai Mara, we spend almost two days. As a result, due to the crossings happened: for about three hours in the second half of the day, and then we went back to their camp, and the same the next day, and then we went to Nairobi, where we were waiting for the bus to Kampala. On this ride we only edge of the park not to call into the interior, where you can just see all the animals. So that safari planning must take into account the time spent on travel. In the end we were a bit disappointed, as expected from this park a lot more.
Travel agencies selling tours to safaris offer different number of days for visiting the Masai Mara. Three-day version, I believe it is necessary at least that would be familiar with this park. Since in practice because of crossings you get half a day on the first day, a full day the next day and half-day for last.

Safari in the Masai Mara

Safari in Tsavo

Tsavo is one of the largest parks in the world and the largest national park in the country. Its area is about 20 thousand sq. Km .. that 4% of the country's territory. The park is divided into two parts, East and West Tsavo. It is home to about 60 species of animals and 400 species of birds, and the unique landscape park combines the rugged mountains, plains, hills and crystal-clear lakes. Where there is sufficient moisture grow ancient baobabs, Desert Rose, zontoobraznye trees, acacias with white and pink flowers and other exotic plants. The park is located at 280 km from Nairobi (4.5 hour drive) and 120 km. Mombasa (about 3 hours). The most famous attraction is the Tsavo Mzimskie sources, which daily produce 50 million gallons of crystal clear water, thus forming around him forever green oases. Mzimskie sources is a great place to observe hippos and crocodiles. Another attraction of the Tsavo is Yatta plateau - is 300 kilometers of lava flow, formed after the eruption of the volcano Ol Doina Sabuk. Yatta Plateau is located in Tsavo East National Park, which is considered to be less visited and wilder. In Tsavo West is very remarkable lodge, Kilaguni Lodge. The main feature of this lodge is that of his restaurant open, uninterrupted views of the wildlife. In the evening you can sit at a table in a restaurant with a glass of brandy and watch the sunset on the wild animals come to the watering and the whole landscape is framed by craggy mountains.
The goal of a safari in Tsavo – see wildlife, sit at sunset in Kilaguni Lodge restaurant and watch the wildlife, see Yatta Plateau, with its 300 kilometers of lava flows.
How many days will highlight on safari in Tsavo – If you only want to see the animals you will most likely be only one full-time excluding road. If all the attractions of the park including the Yatta plateau for at least two days.

Safari in Amboseli

Kenya safari

Amboseli relatively small park, with an area of 392 km2. At the same time on its territory is home to about 80 species of animals and over 400 species of birds. But for me, the main feature of this park is what it offers the best view on the highest peak of Kilimanjaro in Africa. But what would be seen in all its glory Kilimanjaro must be lucky with the weather. It so happens that the top is completely covered with clouds. During my stay in January 2013 for two days, the clouds hide the summit on the first day and scattered only in the evening. The next day, the sky was clear in the morning, but the day we were scheduled to have been to go to the next park. Also you can visit in Amboseli Maasai tribe, which largely still not lost its identity.
The goal of a safari in Amboseli – To see the highest peak of Kilimanjaro in Africa. Make excellent photos of animals on the background of mountains.
How many days will highlight on safari in Amboseli – If your safari will be planned so that you will be in the park from morning till night, and you are lucky with the weather then one day, I think, would be sufficient. And the next morning when you leave, you can visit the Maasai tribe.

View of the snowy peaks near the equator is fascinating

Lake Bogoria


Lake Bogoria National Park has an area of 107 The lake itself is alkaline, with a length of 34 km and width up to 3.5 km. The main reason for visiting Bogoria is an opportunity to see a huge number of pink flamingos, which at the time of my stay was much more than at Lake Nakuru, which is considered the main place of their location, as well as beautiful views of those places. Not without reason, the English explorer, geologist and geographer John Walter Gregory (J.W. Gregory), traveled to the Lake Bogoria region in 1892, called it "the most beautiful place, offering breathtaking views of Africa." You can do, perhaps, the most beautiful photos that can be done in Africa. At Lake Bogoria has geysers up to 18 well-known. Some tourists, hot water geysers, prepare yourself an impromptu picnic. Well, where else can you eat so exotic, even when everything else, everything is complemented by spectacular views.
The purpose of visiting Bogoria – See the huge number of pink flamingos and one of the most beautiful species of Africa. Make probably the most beautiful photos. Have a picnic from food cooked on water geysers.
How much time to allocate –Basically, if your outing will not last on the shores of Bulgaria for too long, to visit the lake will be enough for 4-5 hours. If you just do not want to stay a little more, that would admire the surrounding beauty.

Kenya safari
Lake Bogoria

Safari in Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the city Nakuru. The park is located around alkaline lakes Nakuru, its area is 188 square kilometers The main attraction of the park is the lake itself. Due to the composition of the water here grow algae, which serve as food for the pink flamingos, the number of which in the season can be up to 1.5 million. At that time, photographers from all over the world come here, that would make unique photos. At the same time I want to note that at the time of my stay in Kenya in January 2013, pink flamingos at times I have seen more in Lake Bogoria. The same thing I read in the reports of some travelers. Local attribute this to climate change. However, the park is home to about 60 species of mammals, including white rhino, as well as 450 species of birds. In Nakuru park provided a good opportunity both to look at the pink flamingos, pelicans and animals.

Kenya safari
Map Nakuru Park
The goal of a safari in Nakuru – Mainly come here because of the pink flamingos, at the same time in Nakuru there is a good chance to see the flamingos and animals and at the same time.
How many days will highlight on safari in Nakuru – If you are not an avid photographer who can wait for a long time, that would make a good photo, it is likely that one full day without taking into account the road to the park will be enough. Kenya safari
Lake Nakuru

Lake Baringo


Baringo is a fresh water lake of the East African Rift Valley. The lake is located at 1,100 meters above sea level, with an area 168 square kilometers length does not exceed 22 km and its width -. 11 km. The lake is home to hippos and crocodiles as well as a large variety of birds living on the lake. Near the lake there are campsites, where for a small fee of about $ 6-7, you can spend the night in the neighborhood of a hippopotamus. In the evening, watch as the hippos come out to walk on land. Many travelers have noted that when they slept in their tents heard the snorting hippos, they thought 20 meters. Where do you even find such a neighbor. Before we settled into camp on the shore of Baringo, you need to sign a document stating that you are not notified and will have claims if you come hippopotamus or crocodile attack. The latest attack on the person of a crocodile, it was noted in 1981. Locals living near Baringo explain the indifference of crocodiles to people lately, so that the lake is rich in fish. In areas adjacent to Lake Baringo lives distinctive Pokot tribe.
Purpose of visit Baringo – View of hippos and spend the night on their neighborhood. To visit visiting Pokot tribe.
How much time to allocate to Baringo – If you do not have an extra half day, it is enough to come to the Baringo the afternoon, ride a few hours on the lake by boat, visit the Pokot tribe and spend the night in the neighborhood of hippos. safari
Lake Baringo

Safari Naivasha National Park and Hell's Gate National Park


Lake Naivasha National Park. Lake Naivasha - a freshwater lake of volcanic origin, located in the zone of the Great African Rift. The lake is located at an altitude of 1880 m. Above sea level, it is above all the lakes of the Great African Rift. The lake is constantly changing from 114 to 991 square meters. km depending on the precipitation. On the lake is home to 450 species of birds, including pelicans, cormorants and the main pride of Eagle Lake, fisherman, and in the lake live hippos. In the coastal area can meet giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes and monkeys.
But for me, more interest was the Hell's Gate National Park, which is just outside the park Naivasha - is one of two parks in which you can freely, albeit with a ranger, a walk among the animals, almost completely submerging into the wild. There are no predators, but you can run for zebras and giraffes. The name Hell's Gate (Gate of Hell) Park received through the rock of the gorge where the mysterious swirling clouds of steam, now there a geothermal station. You can bypass the whole park on foot in a day.

The goal of a safari park in Naivasha and Hell's Gate National Park – In Naivasha boat ride to watch the hippos and pelicans. In Hells Gate run for zebras and giraffes.
How much time to allocate to Naivasha Park and Hell's Gate National Park – If your time is limited it may be a couple of 2-3 hour ride on a boat on the Naivasha and the same amount for a walk through Hell's Gate, only if you start in the morning you can get away for half a day, and then continue to the next park on the program. If the time is not strongly presses, then one day for most tourists will be enough.

Kenya safari
Kenya safari in the Hell's Gate National Park

Great Rift Valley or Great African Rift

On the way from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha at an altitude of 2140 meters above sea level, it is the best lookout on the Great Rift Valley, where the eastern edge of the valley is cut off by a few hundred meters down. Great African Rift - is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Rift Valley stretches for 6000 km., From Mozambique through Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and further north to the Red Sea. Rift was formed by the movement of tectonic plates millions of years ago, and the movement is not over yet. Scientists believe that in the end at the site of the Big East African Rift Africa separated from the mainland, and turn into an island.

Kenya safari
The Great Rift Valley - East African Rift

Safari in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park - the first national park in Kenya opened in 1946. The park is not large with an area of 120 square meters. km. On the one hand this disadvantage, but on the other plus. Due to the small area of the probability of encountering the animals here much more than in some other parks, as per unit area in Nairobi, they get more. It is home to about 80 species of mammals and over 400 species of birds. The park is home to almost all the major representatives of the fauna, except elephants. Nairobi Park is one of the best protected areas for rhinos. But its main feature is that it is in just seven km. from the center of the city of Nairobi and the park offers excellent views of the city.
The goal of a safari park in Nairobi –If you have arrived in Nairobi for business or you are just passing by one day in Nairobi National Park is very good opportunity to get acquainted with wild nature by spending a minimum of time on the road.
How much time to allocate to the Safari Park in Nairobi – To leave in the morning and in the afternoon or in the evening return to the city or to go on to continue their safari.

Safari Aberder National Park

Aberder - it is the most highly situated park in the whole of Africa. Almost all of its territory is situated at an altitude of 3000 - 4000m. above sea level. The highest peaks in the park - Kinangop (Kinangop, 3906m.) And Aldon Lesatima (Oldonyo Lesatima, 4001m.). Aberdare has 770 square meters. km., and the park itself is located near the eponymous mountain range, which stretches for 160 km. The landscape of the park consists mainly of tropical rain forests, which are shrouded in a veil of mist, giving the park a mystical and mysterious atmosphere. In Aberdere is some very beautiful and impressive waterfalls Keruru Kakhuri (Keruru Kahuru, 271m.), And Gora (Gura, 240m.) In the southern part of the park and waterfalls Chania (Chania Falls 240m.) In the central part. On both sides of the highest waterfall waterfalls Keruru Kakhuri (Keruru Kahuru, 271m.) Is an observation deck. The mountain streams adjacent to the waterfalls, trout.
The flora of the park is very rich, are found here, as the equatorial and mountain plants. At an altitude of over 2000 meters of tropical forests give way to bamboo jungle. And above 3000 meters grow ragwort and giant lobelia. Because of the humid climate of the road is often buried in the mud, and the vegetation is so dense that it is impossible to pass even on off-road vehicle and has to go on foot, which makes Safari even more exciting. In Aberadare officially registered more than 200 species of birds. Of the live animals, elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, black rhinos, several species of antelope, lions are due to the abundance of trees here have learned to climb on them.

The goal of a safari in Aberdare – To visit Situated at the highest African park, admire the waterfalls and the bewitching mystery of its fauna park, trout fishing in mountain streams, to see the animals.
How much time to allocate to a safari in Aberdare – Excluding the road for at least a full day.  

Safari in Samburu National Park and the Shaba

Sambuca and Bob - two of these are located near the park and therefore similar. They are located at 343 km. from Nairobi and opened respectively in 1985 In 1962 g respectively. The park ibitayut elephant, impala, bat-eared fox, leopard, buffalo, rhino, Grevy's zebra, gerenuk (giraffidae gazelle), Base oryx (antelope with long straight horns) and retikulyativny (net) giraffe. And the river Uaso Niyro flows through the park, you can watch crocodiles and hippos. In total, the park registered more than 50 species of animals and 450 species of birds. The flora is represented by 24 species. A feature of the park is that this region is home to the Samburu tribe distinctive - the closest relatives of the Maasai tribe. Visiting Samburu tribe composes an important excursion for many travelers program.
The goal of a safari in Samburu and Shaba – View the animals and birds, visit the Samburu tribe.
How much time to allocate on safari in Samburu and Shaba – Full day without regard to the road.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa (5199 m.), Has 2 Batian / Batian peak (5199 m) and Nelion / Nelion (5188 m). The uniqueness of this mountain is that it is the only place on the equator, where it is possible there is snow. The mountain slopes are covered with deciduous and bamboo forests, just set out above are "Afro-alpine meadows," and even higher glaciers.
At an altitude of 3200 meters begins the National Park of Mount Kenya, an area of 492 The park is home to elephants, buffaloes and duiker (antelope crested), if you are lucky you can see lions and leopards. At an altitude of 2195 meters above sea level, the hotel is located Mountain Lodge, the only hotel in the foothills of Mount Kenya is located so high. It is believed that with its observation deck offers the best views in these areas on the wildlife. The main building of the lodge tunnel combined with a hopper, which is located next to the pond. From this hopper can watch the animals at a very close distance.
Grief Kenya will be interesting both for mountain climbers, and for lovers of trekking. You can organize routes of any complexity, from reaching the top 1-2 day routes. The easiest route - to Point Lenana point - takes 1-2 days and requires no special training.
The purpose of visiting Mount Kenya – See the animals, enjoy the nature of the places and the very pinnacle of the mountain, fishing in mountain lakes, trekking or the conquest of Mount Kenya.
How much time to allocate to Mount Kenya – Full day without regard to the road and on the condition that you will not engage in fishing and did not go to tracking.

Prices on safari in Kenya and how to organize a safari

Going on safari you need to understand what a safari you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. Since safari fun is not cheap, many, above all, are repelled from the cost. Well, if you are not constrained in the media, it is much easier.
And so to understand what a safari you want, you have to know what are the safari.

1. Safari are low - most affordable option is not very low) and the most expensive is the vip safari.

Budget Safaris, usually its cost still has included: passage in the national parks, meals, services of a driver and a cook, but you will live in camping in tents or unpretentious bungalow with shared toilet and shower. I in January 2013 failed to agree on a budget safari for $ 115 per day per person.
The most expensive option - a vip safari includes all of the above described, but the main difference will be in residence. In this case, you will live in a luxury hotel, which will be located on the territory of the park. In some hotels in addition to the luxurious rooms and all the benefits of civilization, there is a very good observation platforms, where you can watch the hippos in the lake, with the buffalo coming to drink and generally look at the wildlife without leaving the hotel. Just stay in such hotels will cost about $ 500 per night. The cost of the safari can be inferred. Generally luxuriously live in Africa more expensive than in Western Europe.

2. Group and individual safaris.

As with the budget and with the more expensive option, the group held a safari, then there are many people traveling in the same car. How much is how it can be three, maybe on the number of seats.
Individual safari can also be a budget and not entirely. In this case, you are traveling alone or with one of his company. The price of this safari at a budget option may be about $ 150 per day per person. This type I strongly recommend photographers, or simply for those tourists who want to make a good photo.

How to save on safari

Prices for almost the same safari can vary several hundred dollars a day. Much depends on where you book a safari, for example in Nairobi, Mombasa and Russia.
Most advantageous to book a safari departures from Nairobi, in this case, the price can start from $ 115-120.
Prices on safari in Mombasa are likely to be higher than in Nairobi. Personally, I was faced with the fact that the cost of a safari in Mombasa began from $ 200 per day per person.
Country of residence
When booking a safari, it is better to deal with travel agencies for which Africa profile direction.
Selection of tour operators
Price will also depend on a safari at a tour operator will make an order. At the same Kenyan agencies virtually the same, the difference can be up to hundreds of dollars. Usually the price is very high in-promoted and well-known company. When organizing your safari, I was faced with the fact that one and the same program with a budget option in a Kenyan company was worth $ 115 per day per person, and the other $ 250.
Where is best to book a safari in Kenya or country of residence.

Most likely, you will pay less when make a safari directly from a Kenyan tour operator, unless the Russian tourist agency has an office in Kenya. Pluses of ordering from the Russian firm that she can take care of all organizational matters and, if any connections are not on the tour, you will be with whom to ask.
In the case of the Kenyan company by the need to buy tickets, find and book a hotel, although the hotel booking for you can and Kenyans. The main disadvantage is that if something is wrong, you will in this case will be difficult to prove their case. I have known cases as the positive solution of issues arising during the safari with Kenyan tour agencies, and with a negative outcome.

Entrance fee to the National Parks of Kenya 2013.

Kenya safari

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