Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. It ranked among the most visited by tourists. At the same time, the city has not lost its color and charm. Medina of Marrakech declared a World Heritage site.

Marrakech day of the first and fifth trip to Africa

Videos Marrakech the first day

About Marrakech what to expect not to be disappointed

Marrakech, the fourth largest city in Morocco, located at the Atlas Mountains, the quintessence of the Arab East, the red city. Red Marrakech, called because of the color of buildings in the city. Despite the fact that Marrakech is one of the most visited tourist cities of Morocco, it has not lost its color and charm.

Now for the cons, in Marrakech that part of the population that is at least as it comes into contact with the most blatant tourism not only in Morocco but also in general of all the countries that I have visited, where about 30.

Well, start with the fact that 90% of the official taxis, just do not go over the counter, and call price is 3-5 times higher.We had a case when a taxi driver agreed to go on the counter, and when we brought in the right place named a price 3 times higher. But as soon as we stopped in front of the police car, he immediately picked up about their ambitions and left. Generally in Marrakech word police have magical significance. In Medina, teens are constantly arise in the assistants and you are trying to start or to the store or to a place where they can get a percentage of the money you paid. And if you refuse, they start yelling fuck you and supplement it curses in Arabic.

And in the most famous square of Marrakech Jemaa-el-Fna, with a camera in the neck walking downright dangerous. The joke of course, but all sorts of dancers and acrobats see you with fotikom 100 meters away from them even if you do not take pictures, run with the money you require. It is clear that they earn in the photo, but this behavior does not leave a very good impression. It reaches even to the ridiculous, you go past the stop and people waiting for the bus, seeing that you are a tourist that begins to ask for money.

But despite these disadvantages city liked and he definitely worth a visit, but the second time I have hardly traveled to Marrakech.

MoroccoMarrakech Medina

MarrakeshMarrakech Medina

Marrakech arrival

We arrived in Marrakech from Rabat and that would find us booked the hotel, we had to try, in spite of the presence of the navigator. Small hotels in Marrakech is home of ordinary people, who decided to earn extra money. They do not have the slightest hint of what this hotel and you will stand next to the navigator and would not think that this is the right place for you. At the same time in all very worthy. In the case of our hotel near the door constantly I sat a man, apparently the owner was clear that tourists will be not very easy to understand that this is his home, and there is a hotel.

On the first day we went to visit one of the local boys, who offered us the needed souvenirs supposedly at a very low price. He offered us a local dish tagine, but as soon as we ate two spoonfuls, immediately closed it. Later it turned out that he sold us these gifts to 2 times more expensive. In the evening we decided to go to the most famous square in Marrakech, which is famous for its flavor Djemaa el Fna square (Jemaa-el-Fna). The road to it ran through the Medina. What can I say about the square Jemaa-el-Fna, interesting colorful, but some super impression she made on me, probably because I was in such places.

Square Jemaa-el-Fna

In general, something like this was our first day in Marrakech and the fifth day trip to Africa.

Marrakech the second day of the trip and the sixth in Africa

On the sixth day trip to Africa, and the second day we visited in Marrakech - Medina, Bahia Palace, Jemaa El Fna Square (Jamaa el Fna), as well as hang out in the most famous nightclub in Marrakech 555.

Videos Marrakech the second day

Medina of Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech which, incidentally, declared a World Heritage Site, is different from the Medina of Fez, its more crowded traffic. If I did not see people on bikes, in Marrakech is full of them, but still, these riders are riding so that the 3-day stay in the city a couple of times we hooked up in such a way that they do little with this bike did not fly in the Fez Medina.
Marrakech Medina is largely a large market, which sells clothing, footwear, food, a lot of different products made of leather, metal, souvenirs, as well as interesting and unusual things for tourists coming to Morocco. For example, lipstick-like small plates and flavors appear from tree bark.



Next, we decided to go back to the Djemaa el Fna square and watch snake charmers, since the night we did not see them. Maybe they are afraid that their snake to crawl in the dark).


In addition, let's say, decent snake charmers, there is a very cunning and brazen. We met one of them moves with snakes in their hands, and persuaded that you had photographed with his snakes and trying to take your camera out of hand. Asked how much smiles and says, no problem. When we have all the same answer from him, the price for 1 one photo, was almost $ 10. Later this charmer, did not seem to remember me crept up behind me and hung me on the neck of a snake, and then began to pull out smiling from the hands of the camera while speaking photos no problem. With casters on this video, we agreed to $ 2 for videos and photos.

When traveling I always try to try the local cuisine, as well as if there are exotic fruits. So this time the fruit tasted like a cactus. Sweet taste for konstintentsii like a melon, but a lot of small bones.



Bahia Palace

Next we visited the Bahia Palace, known as one of the main attractions of Marrakech. Bahia Palace was built 7 years by order of the vizier Sidi Moussa, for one of his 24 wives. The palace has 1st floor, as the Vizier had problems with being overweight, and he did not want to bother ups on the 2nd floor. Among other interesting design palace walls, ceilings, carved doors and lined with marble fountains.





Marrakech nightlife

Further, the plan should have been rave evening. But it was on November 4 and that the National Unity Day in Russia on this at first we could not away from home not to drink for their homeland.

Then we asked the taxi driver that he took us to the place in a city where there are night clubs. We went to several places located in this area in fact they were only a bars and restaurants, where people just sat and drank. In the end we decided to stay at the club one of the 5 star hotels. The only difference there is that there was live music, but one much amused but one funny guy.

After spending some time at this club we decided to go to the most famous nightclub in Marrakech 555. But cabbies wrung some not incredible prices, refusing to go to the counter. One taxi driver did agree, but when we brought to the club named a price several times higher than at the counter. He agreed with the meter price only if we accidentally drove to the police car. The cost of entry into the club of 30 euros, 15 euros for 50 grams of vodka, in a lot of protection, even in the toilet constantly guard. Shoot photos and video prohibited, but the guards on this occasion to make observations delicately. Some of the girls comes to acting, what part I can not tell. We were even one girl after the joint dance itself came up and offered their sexual services, I think 60 dollars.


Breakfast in Marrakech, how to save on food

Already return in the morning we wanted to eat, but at 5 am all the cafes were closed. But on the edge of the medina, we met with a tray of food, where local men stood. Right there was a table where everyone ate and drank tea. Morocco, a country is not cheap, but if you are not afraid to eat in places of this kind, then you can seriously save money, plus a full immersion in local flavor. This time is very early breakfast cost us $ 3-4 for three.



Marrakech third day

In the third and last day of our stay in Marrakech and the seventh day in Africa, we had to examine the remaining attractions.
We decided to visit the Koutoubia Mosque (Koutoubia), is the largest mosque in Marrakech, Majorelle gardens and workshops for the manufacture of leather. Unfortunately Koutoubia mosque was closed, but in other places we have visited.

Video Marrakesh third day

Koutoubia Mosque

Majorelle Gardens

Next we went to the gardens Majorelle gardens that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent, and is believed to have served as an inspiration to him. What to say about these gardens. If you have never seen in the wild, they will create a certain impression. I saw all this in a natural environment and the gardens have not really touched, taking into account the cost of entry. If I am not mistaken about 10 euros. It's like, after an African safari when from the open car window you see a roaring lion or an elephant from a distance of 5 meters. And then you will see them in a cage at the zoo, that's about the same. If such a garden would be my friend, I would say cool.

Majorelle Gardens

Workshops on tanning

Finally we left one of the most picturesque places in Marrakech - a leather workshop. In these workshops is treated skin, giving it the desired color. At the same time there is the strongest stench, so that the common man does not simply endure it. The smell can be compared simultaneously with the smell of feces and rotting myasa.U entrance to these workshops unprepared tourists give a sprig of mint, which would have been easier for them to deal with the smell.

Moroccotanning studio


In the evening we celebrated the last day of our stay in Marrakech not drinking a lot of whiskey.

Walking through the medina we went on its outskirts. At that time, we are very hungry and then saw a small stall, which sells food for the locals. All the menu consisted of 3 dishes - boiled egg, bread and some local salad. Once again, we decided to more deeply feel the local flavor and dinner at this place. The owner of the stall was very pleased that tourists choose it, rather than a restaurant with bright signs and even included muzyku.Konechno, there was full of anti sanitation, and we decided to conduct disinfection of whiskey. But I still got an upset stomach. The next morning, I drank a pack of tablets that would run every half hour tualet.Tem more we had to go to the next Moroccan city.

Conclusions of the Marrakech

To summarize, we can say about Marrakech, the city an interesting and colorful, there are a number of cultural and historical attractions. For shoppers there are a lot of interesting, in addition to standard of souvenirs can be bought in any other country, there is something that can only be purchased here.
If you are interested in Oriental flavor and exotic, then you can safely go to Marrakech.
How much time is necessary to explore the city. At the optimum allocation of time and choice of route 2 days will be enough.
If you explore the city, without straining, then 3-4 days.

The final video for Marrakech

We drive further in Ouarzazate

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