Nairobi, capital of Kenya and the largest city in East Africa, with a population of over 3 million people. The city is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The main reason that most of the tourists arrive in Nairobi - a safari.

It is from here that the majority of routes. Including running through the East African Rift.

In terms of attractions Nairobi is not the best city on earth. But if you come on a safari you will still likely have to spend the night here, and maybe more if you wish. So, it is best to spend this time with the benefit and see the sights that are there.

Nairobi Attractions

Carnivore Restaurant The main reason for which is worth a visit Carnivore Restaurant, this is what you can taste the meat of exotic animals (crocodile, zebra, ostrich and others). The restaurant operates on an all-inclusive, except drinks. We ordered a table for two by the agency that organized our safari. After some bargaining the price became $ 35 per person.

Conference Center "Kenyatta" - 33 story building built in traditional style. There is an exhibition hall and several restaurants. But the main thing is worth to visit this building, it is an observation deck, which offers a great view of the city.

Farm - Karen Blixen Museum – it is a museum of the Danish writer who selflessly loved Africa and dedicated to her a significant part of his life. Karen in 1935 wrote the book "Out of Africa" on which was filmed a movie with a famous Hollywood star Meryl Streep in the main Rolet. The estimated price is $ 65 a half-day.

The National Museum of Kenya. The museum presented an interesting exposition, which includes historical artifacts, stuffed animals, photos from different Kenyan tribes, as well as a watercolor image of African flora.

Cultural Center Riuki. Centrum is a traditional village of Kikuyu tribe. You can learn about the byte, food and culture, the largest ethnic group in Kenya.

Nairobi National Park. Essentially the same safari, only he is just seven kilometers from the city. The estimated price is $ 60 a half-day.

Also located near Nairobi Great Rift Valley или Great African Rift – this is one of the most spectacular places on earth, formed millions of years ago as a result of plate tectonics and the movement is not over yet.

East African rift - this is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Rift Valley stretches for 2,500 km., From Mozambique through Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and further north to the Red Sea. Rift was formed by the movement of tectonic plates millions of years ago, and the movement is not over yet. Scientists believe that in the end at the site of the Big East African Rift Africa separated from the mainland, and turn into an island.

Nairobi sex tourism and nightlife

Nairobi is a city with a well-developed nightlife, however as the capital. There are many night clubs and discos. If you have no one to pass the night, then you can easily find a companion, for a fee. And if you are lucky, and love). Although love is easier to find in Mombasa. In Nairobi, the girl called the price from $ 25-30. You can get acquainted in a nightclub or in hotels where foreigners settle. Or even easier to learn all the guide from which you ordered safari. Here are a few addresses nightlife: the club "old" Florida You on Koinnagi street, "new" Florida - at Moi street. Entrance fee of about $ 5

Nairobi transport

Nairobi is an important transportation hub in Africa. From here you can get to many countries of the continent. Through the city pass the Trans-African Highway and the Great Northern Highway. The trans-African highway connects the eastern part of the continent to the port of Lagos in Western Africa. Great Northern Highway connects to Cape Town in the south and to the north of Cairo.
The main mode of transport in Nairobi is the matatu. Matata is a private minibuses designed to carry 8-10 passengers, but in reality, they can go up to 25 people. The brightly painted body, the more trinkets weighs in the cabin and louder the music, the steeper. Given the fact that the movement in Nairobi is difficult to describe, then a trip to such transport is both exotic and extreme.
In Nairobi, buses are also very popular. Currently, the city has several bus companies.
Taxi services are available in almost any part of the city. Most often, taxi drivers expect the customers, near shopping centers and hotels. A taxi of course more expensive than the bus and matatu, but more comfortable and safer.


Nairobi is a relatively safe city. If you will be in the center of the city, visiting museums and shopping centers, then you will most likely nothing will happen. Although I have seen the reports of travelers, in which he wrote that the girl in the center of the city tore earring. At the same time, some write that two hours wandering through the night Nairobi and nothing happened to them. Another traveler, wrote that he went to the local market, and almost immediately the local punks, persistently said to buy it for $ 500, some garbage. But he walked with dignity out of this situation. So make your conclusions.
In fact, in Nairobi, it is not necessary to visit the slums and some areas, at least without an escort. About not desirable to visit the places, so it is possible to consult a guide.

Nairobi photo

I lived in Nairobi quite some time, we arrived with a friend about 6 pm on car station three hours waited representative of the tour operator, which was supposed to take us to the hotel and take. With car station immediately went to the restaurant Carnivore, which left a good impression. We move into a hotel only to 11 pm, and in the morning immediately went on a safari. In this photo Nairobi is not much.

Nairobi, in the background Kenyatta Conference Center.


Masai, no matter where they are not change their traditional attire.

World famous restaurant Carnivore in Nairobi.

The Carnivore is a system of all-inclusive, except drinks. To the table will bring food until the check box is selected.

Photo for memory with Carnivore restaurant chef and manager Alfred Kenyan tour agency that organized our safari.

The Great Rift Valley or the East African Rift.

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