Travel to Africa from Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal. The next point of travel of the ball after Fez Moroccan capital city of Rabat. Rabat is also the cultural and industrial center of the country.

Third day and fourth of Morocco Rabat - Obtaining a visa to Mauritania, visit the city with its attractions, where to buy alcohol in Morocco.

Videos about traveling to Africa - Morocco, Rabat Day 3 and 4

Rabat the first day - a visa to Mauritania, colonization, walk around the city

Prior to Rabat from Fez, we traveled by train. Fare is 80 MAD it is about $ 8. The journey takes about 4 hours.
In Rabat, we met up with my friends Michael and Ivan. One of the objectives of the Rabat visit we had a visa to Mauritania. After arriving in Rabat, we went directly to the Mauritanian Embassy for filing.


Embassy of Mauritania to Morocco

Mauritanian Embassy in Morocco address: -6 Rue Thami Lamdouar Rabat

Visa documents take up to 12 hours, issue the following day. The cost of the visa today 100 euros. On the border of 120 euros. The payment we made to the dirham. To obtain a visa should be issued to complete the form, as well as provide photos and a photocopy of the passport. In case you have forgotten photos and a photocopy of the passport. The person who helps fill out the form for a certain amount, can take you to the nearest place that could take a picture and make a scan of the passport. But best of all of course to cook at once.

After applying for a visa, we took a taxi and went to the apartment booked in advance. The most convenient option is to take an official taxi and go to the counter. If you stop a normal car, the price can be 5-7 times higher than in a taxi on the meter, especially if the driver sees that you are a tourist. The price need to negotiate immediately. We rented apartment is not in a tourist spot. Our apartment it was an ordinary apartment in a residential building.



After settling, we decided to walk around the neighborhood. And immediately felt how people in a place different from the tourist. Here, no one is trying to defraud you of money and even happy to be photographed with you. Especially glad such things local kids.


Outside the usual tourist spots Moroccans, friendly people. You can go on the bus, and a neighbor in the front seat, offer you orange.


In tourist areas, will try to strip off you money on what is possible. Some travelers told us that if you do not have problems, then you will create them, which would make on you. For example, in a hotel room you are running. You will take, will block the water you call the master, the master supposedly done to you and your job will be to ask for a tip. This example is from the story of a tourist. We did not have such cases, possibly due to the fact that we booked through a booking and in this case the hotels are concerned about their ranking.

Rabat the second day - obtaining visas Moorish, sightseeing

The next day we got a visa to Mauritania, the country in which the level of tourism tends to zero, and the cost of visa is 100 euros. Later, we met two guys from Moscow, who refused to go to Mauritania because of the cost of the visa. What else can be noted, given the form of green color which necessarily need to save and display on the border with a visa. Otherwise, the second time will have to pay for a visa, and its value at the border of 120 euros.


Where to buy alcohol in Morocco, Rabat

After obtaining the visa, we went to see the town. But before to maintain the energy tone decided to take 100 grams of alcohol. Morocco, a Muslim country, and this alcohol there is not available, as in other countries. But buy it outside the restaurants and bars at the supermarket Kafur, it told us locals.


Royal Palace

Then we went to the Royal Palace, I want to note that a large part of the city we visited on foot and found the right places with the help of the navigator. The Royal Palace entrance is prohibited, and it can take pictures only from a certain distance. But despite this bring here the whole tourist buses.

Royal Palace
Royal Palace gates

Royal mosque

Atlantic Coast Rabat

Already in the afternoon we reached the Atlantic coast Rabat, where several attractions are.



First on our way was a fortress within which the Arab conquerors built Rebate fortified monastery, from which the name of the city has gone. Today it is a small quiet village in the modern city from one end to which about 150 meters. In the design of the village is dominated by blue tone.


The main street leading to the observation deck with views of the ocean.


Then we walked along the coast and photographed the surrounding views. Incidentally there are surfers in Rabat, as well as you can swim, even if it is not perfect beach.







Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed 5

Already at the very evening we arrived at the mausoleum of Mohammed V and Hassan Tower. Hassan Tower and the architectural calling card of the city, It was on the restoration. And we did not get the mausoleum because it was too late.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Hassan Tower

Prices in Rabat

Accommodation prices
We rented apartment with 3 rooms and a kitchen for $ 50 night.

Food prices
Almost all prepared themselves, the price of food in the supermarket about 20% higher than in Russia. Oranges 2 times more expensive). On the day a person came 5-7 euros not including alcohol.
Alcohol shop local wine from 4-5 euros, about 10 strong euro. Alcohol is only sold in a supermarket - Kafur.

Transportation prices
City bus 4 dirham. Taxis are an average of 20-30 dirhams. If you stop private owners can name the price of 100 dirhams, perhaps 50 to haggle.

Conclusions of Rabat

What can be said in conclusion. Rabat is certainly not a resort town, but the city is like. Clean green city, has its attractions including the Medina, which we did not attend due to the fact that I had seen in the medina of Fez and still we had to watch the Medina in Marrakech. Back in Rabat we came across friendly people.


Finally, a video tour of Rabat

We drive further in Marrakech

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