Russian bath, our ancestors knew about the healing properties of the bath. But in fact, a significant portion of visitors to baths or saunas go there not for the medicinal properties, and for that to have a good time or just hang out.

Bath gives vivacity and energy, rejuvenates the body and soul, removes toxins from the body. And with the help of bath procedures can enhance immunity, cure some diseases of the skin and respiratory system and even lose weight.
In this article, we discuss how to go to the bath and see how, in practice, a rest in the sauna, many of our contemporaries, as well as a look baths topic displayed in art.


Basic rules baths visits


1. Take the rule: eating at least two hours before the bath. Fasting go too bad. It must act rule of the golden mean - and the hungry poor, and after eating, too.
2. After heavy physical work aside for a few hours to go to the bath venture. Relax and please be a little force. Conversely, mental labor will not be a hindrance - it is possible to go to bathe at once.
3. Before entering the steam room, take a warm shower without soap (it only degrease the skin and deprive her of protection from the hot air). And to protect the head from overheating, the hair should be left to dry. To do this, put on a special fedora hat.
4. To maximize relax in the sauna is better to lie down. Very do not get up - can make your head spin. Sweating Start with a temperature of 60 degrees, gradually increasing it. Typically, the steam room 2-3 times come and stay there 8-15 minutes and make a break for 10-15 minutes between calls. The bath is steamed just until you feel comfortable. This rule is especially important for beginners.
5. Use a broom can be when you have become accustomed to a pair. In order to properly broom steamed, it pour over boiling water and soak for a few minutes in hot water.
6. Hover broom start with the feet, gradually rising above the body. This will improve blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the flow of the body's metabolism. Warm up, do not run headlong out of steam. Sit down at the bottom, wait a few more minutes, and only then go to the dressing room.
7. When you exit the steam room is not necessary to immediately dive into the snow or ice pool - this can afford only experienced bathhouse. Limit cool shower and just sit, wrapped in a sheet.
8. In the bath, you can arrange an aromatherapy session: best for conifers and woody scents. To add this essential oil in water, in which the broom steams. But on hot stones can not be cast.
9. During leisure, in the intervals between calls, it is recommended to drink a lot, because the body loses up to 1.5 liters of fluid in a single sauna session. But alcohol use is not necessary - will only increase the load on the body and decrease the healing effect of the bath treatment. The maximum that you can afford in a bath of alcohol is 0.5 beer.
10. Finally, wash with warm water and relax for at least half an hour.  

As relaxing in the bath youth

All the above-described rule is very well and good, but in fact very often it looks much more prosaic, but at the same time and fun. Many come in the room not only for health, but just what to spend your time as you like so: pobuhat in good company, enjoy a game of billiards or celebrate corporate.


Below are photos from such entertainment events

баня   баня   баня   сауна

  сауна   баня   баня   баня   баня   баня  

Banja literature, painting and cinema

Room in the literature

Probably the best-known literary work is the story of Alexei Tolstoy's "bath" in which the writer tells how very frankly sir fucks village girls in the bath.


Bath painting

Even more display topic Russian baths gained in painting

E.M.Korneev "Russian sauna" 1812

Zinaida Serebryakov "Banja" 1913

Even Stalin's favorite artist, Alexander Gerasimov painted a nude bath.

Alexander Gerasimov "Bath" 1938

Bath in the movie

Subject baths are not deprived of the cinema. Probably the most famous story in the domestic film with respect to the bath is a film "Enjoy Your Bath or irony of fate"

Still from the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath"   As domestic film not once touched the theme of the nude in the bath, even in Soviet times.
The most famous moment in the movie "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" in 1972.   баня Still from the film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" in 1972.   Also in the modern version of the film in 2015 directed not avoided the topic baths.   баня
Still from the film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" in 2015.   In the modern Russian cinema theme bath relate even the most well-known directors such as Alexei Uchitel film "The Edge".   баня
Still from the film "The Edge" in 2010.   Of course, the list of films in which the displayed room in Soviet and modern Russian cinema films mentioned above is not limited.  

Russian bath video

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Russian bath, our ancestors knew about the healing properties of the bath. But in fact, a significant portion of visitors to baths or saunas
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