Thailand useful information for tourists and travelers - accommodation in Thailand, the climate, visa, how to get to Thailand, the security in the country, all kinds of transport in Thailand.

Thailand how to get

Getting to Thailand from Russia is not too difficult. Flights carried Aeroflot, Transaero, as well as a number of foreign air carriers. There are both direct connecting flights. Direct flights operate domestic airlines Aeroflot and Transaero, but prices on air tickets to this case can be up to two times longer than that of the connecting flights.
From US connecting flights are carried out, in a way, more than 20 hours.
What would you buy a ticket at the best price and the optimal time of flight, it is best to use the search service tickets, which include the largest number of airlines and airline reservation systems.

Thailand visa

Citizens of Russia living in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days, as tourists do not need visa.
US citizens are allowed to arrive in the country to 30 days, with the possibility of renewal, in addition to the passport, you must have tickets for the return journey and proof of solvency.

The climate in Thailand

Climate Thailand is divided into two types: tropical in the north and tropical monsoon in the south and south-east, they share in common is a high temperature and high humidity. Thailand country with a large territory, large temperature differences exist on this depending on the season and the region.
In the central part of Thailand there are three seasons: hot (March to May), rainy (June to October, the greatest amount of precipitation falls during this time) and cool (November to February). That is the period from November to February inclusive, are considered the most successful month for travel and recreation in the country. At the same time, this division is rather arbitrary, heavy rains can come at any time, at the same time in the rainy season in Pattaya, a long period of time can be very dry weather or with little rain. In the rainy season the majority of cases, it rains heavy rain for 15-30 minutes, after which the weather clears. On this significant factor for traveling to Thailand for many will be the temperature. What would be specifically identified with the rest in Thailand it is best to watch the weather just to the region where you want to go.

Accommodation in Thailand - bungalows, guesthouses, apartments, hotels, villas

Living in Thailand is presented for every taste and budget. Every tourist or traveler can pick up a Thailand hotel, an apartment, a bungalow or a house or a villa in its sole discretion.
The most democratic in the price range are bungalows with private facilities on the street or in a common room in the guesthouse, with facilities in the corridor. Price in this case will start from 100-150 baht per day.

In 2008, I rented a bungalow with amenities in the street on the island of Koh Wai for 200 Baht per day. On Koh Chang in 2011 for a bungalow with amenities inside, on the beach Cai Be, I paid 500 baht per day. The price of a bungalow with amenities on the street was 300 baht per day. A very comfortable house on the shore of the camp cost 1000 baht per night (all were busy).

Bungalow on Koh Wai for 200 baht per day 50 meters from the sea.

Ascetic situation bungalows for 200 baht.

The average price of hotels in Thailand based on double occupancy with private facilities in the room about 1000 baht per day at 2-3 * accommodation options. I'm in Pattaya in 2011, rented a double room at the hotel, with a very spacious bathroom, TV, fridge, toilet and bathroom in the room and in 5-7 minutes walk from the beach for 900 baht.
Of course, the price of hotels in general on a house in Thailand in many respects will depend on the season and location. Usually, hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya are cheaper than on the islands.
Apart from hotels and bungalows in Thailand, you can rent an apartment or even a house. Again, the price will depend on the season and location, as well as the date on which property will be removed. My friend rented two-storey house in Pattaya, with a swimming pool a few houses for 50,000 Baht per month. The cost of renting an apartment in Thailand, an average of about 8,000 Baht per month.
The conclusion here is this: if you're going to live in Thailand in one place for a long time, it is more profitable to rent an apartment or a house. If you do not eat for a long time or want to travel around the country, the course will be more profitable to book a hotel.
What would be the best option in the hotel in terms of price and in terms of comfort, it is better to use the search system of hotels, which include the largest number of tourist sites dealing with booking hotels. In the form provided on the site employs more than 100 booking sites hotels, including the well-known leaders in this segment, and, so you do not have to go to each site separately and compare the prices. All prices on hotels will be presented to you in one place.

Transport in Thailand

Air transportation

Airport Bangkok Don Muang - one of the largest in Asia, it serves as a good starting point for the flight to other countries in Southeast Asia and Avstrvliyu. In certain cases, as an international, can serve as Utapao Airport (U-Tapao) near Pattaya. Just International Airport is the airport in Phuket and Chiang Maya. Domestically, there are about two dozen airports for domestic flights.
When departure from the country charged tax - 500 baht for domestic flights of 30 baht.

Thailand карта
Map of Thailand railway roads

The railway network connects Bangkok with all the major cities in the north and north-east of the country. By rail the south you can make a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. As a rule, express trains have cars first, second and third grade, and ordinary passenger trains, with only a third-class seating.
Bus service in Thailand is very well developed, the market for these services is represented by a large number of companies, both large and small, are competing with each other. In practice, this translates into the fact that the bus station is not always the end of the route or starting point, and not only a large office, after a stop in which the bus should be on. The company "Pattaya Group 35", generally takes its passengers from the residence.
Large companies are concerned about the image and lists of services included food, hot food at stops. Beautiful girl stewardess in uniform.
Taxis in Thailand, a popular form of transport for movement over short distances, as well as between the cities, especially useful if the company goes out of 4 people. The trip costs are negotiated in advance, or to take a taxi with the meter.
A convenient form of transport for trips within the city. There is an option for a large number of passengers to stop when you need to ring the bell, but there is an option for some people. For public-tuk tuk price depends on the distance and begins about 15-20 Baht.

Motobaykery dressed in a coat of different colors, and you can use their services on almost every corner. Price must be arranged in advance.
Transport Rent in Thailand
In Thailand drive on the left and unsuitable for a foreigner signs, which is written in large and small Thai English. Russian law does not apply, and will serve as an aggravating circumstance in the crash, you can use the internationally recognized rights.
Order at a travel agency shuttle
Alternatively, in order to get to your destination, you can book a shuttle service to the travel agency. In cases where the required transfer from one mode of transport to another. For example, if you need to get from Pattaya to Koh Chang, the tour agency will bring you to the island. Otherwise, would themselves have to get on the bus, and then buy a ticket on the ferry. In this case, if the time is limited and there is no opportunity to examine the route, complete the transfer order will be a good option. Transfer can be ordered within the country and in neighboring countries such as Cambodia.
Cheating on transport.
The simplest option is when the taxi driver said that he had no change from large bills, and even more so if it is night and change problematic.
The price of taxi and tuk-tuks, which are waiting for tourists near the tourist places can be many times higher. It costs nothing to walk along the road 200 meters and stop a passing tuk-tuk.
After the agreed-upon prices, for example, 200 Baht, arriving now in place, are giving money to the taxi driver and he says to you, 200 each.


One of the common nouns names of Thailand, is called the "Land of Smiles". Tai quite safe country, but subject to certain rules.
Usually it recommended for a trip to Thailand to be vaccinated against cholera and hepatitis A, but it is not required. You are advised not to buy food from street vendors, possible poisoning. I being in Thailand vaccination not done, and food from vendors on the street to buy and no problems I did not have. But in any case, the choice is always yours.
The country has banned nudity, though the girl topless on beaches is not uncommon.
Thais love and respect their King and any insults against him harshly suppressed. There are no one-off cases in which poured its image with paint or beer and people received prison sentences impressive. Some of the king pardoned after several years otsizhennogo and some harassed her until the end.
You have to be careful with religious monuments in the country, that is not worth the climb to the statue of the Buddha, that would be photographed or kiss him in the lips of stone. If there is any doubt, it is better to ask the Thai people what you can do, and what not.
In Thailand, a lot of rave and recreational places, where leisure travelers including drunk. Accordingly, there are many small rubs of criminal elements, who want to exploit the situation and rob drunken farang. Be careful you have to be with prostitutes especially if two of them, since one will have to please, thus distracting, and the other, to do their dirty deed. If we went to hang out on the concrete, better to take off valuables and the money put separately, that would not have to get to the hotel on foot.

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