Top 10 most dangerous for visiting tourists in Africa. Africa is the homeland of mankind, a place where you can plunge into the not fake beauty of wildlife, but at the same time the visit of many African countries, pitted with a greater risk to life.

1. Libya


Once the most prosperous and rich state in Africa, in which the human development index was equal to some European countries, today exists only on the map. In 2010, Muammar Gaddafi refused to develop chemical and nuclear weapons. And already in 2011 the country started a civil war provoked from outside, during which the rebels were supported by NATO countries and the European Union. Support was both in the form of funding, and direct participation of troops and aviation. In October 2011 Muammar Gaddafi was killed, and power passed to the interim authority - the Transitional National Council. In August 2012, after the election of the General National Congress, the power passes to a legitimate authority.


Despite the full financial and military support for the insurrection by the US, almost immediately after the overthrow of Gaddafi, the US ambassador to Libya was torn to pieces.


Despite the overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, the authority of official authorities extends only to the territory of Tripoli and the surrounding areas. The rest of the country is divided into several quasi-states - autonomous regions with their own authorities and the army. The Fezzan region, the Western Mountains region, the Benghazi region, Misurata city state have a high degree of autonomy. At the same time, the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte were ruined for supporting the Gaddafi regime. Security for a traveler in Libya depends on the region where he is heading. Relatively safe can be considered only Tripoli. In other parts of the country there are often armed attacks and kidnappings, for good reason, in the old days the territory of Libya and the coastal waters were considered the most dangerous in terms of pirate attacks. There are many stories of people, of constant torture and sexual violence in various camps and prisons throughout the country.

Despite a significant security threat, there are people who still want to get to Libya, as in its territory there are many monuments of architecture of the ancient period and the period of the Roman Empire. These are the cities of Cyrene, Apollo, Syrtika (Leptis Magna), Sabrafah. In the mountains of Tadrart-Akakus you can see samples of ancient rock art. In the south-west of the country there is an oasis of Ghadames.

2. Somalia


Somalia is best known as the country of pirates. Indeed, in coastal waters there are still attacks on ships. Since 1991, there has been a civil war in Somalia, which has led to the partition of the country into five independent territories (Somaliland, Puntland, Maakkhir, Galmudug and Northern Somalia), which are managed by paramilitary leaders. In Somalia, there is no central authority, and the political situation is characterized as chaos. Somaliland is considered the most prosperous, but even there to visit the Laas Gaal cave, armed guards are indispensable.

Rare travelers in the country are threatened with armed attack, kidnapping for ransom, undermining on a mine, capturing pirates, etc.

Somalia is the second country in the world after North Korea for intolerance towards Christians. The majority of the population profess Islam (Sunni Muslims), and in the country, instead of secular laws, Sharia law acts. It is especially dangerous in Somalia to be a woman.

Of the circumstances that can attract tourists can be called the most beautiful unspoilt beaches and places for diving. In this case, you need to consider that it is forbidden to be women without clothes on the beach. In addition to beaches in Somalia, the caves of Laas Gaal are of particular interest, where rock carvings of 10 thousand years are almost intact. Most of the territory of Somalia, in view of objective circumstances, has not yet been investigated.

Somalia video. Sea monsters in the fish market.

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo


Country in Central Africa The Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to the IMF data for 2012, is the world's poorest. In addition to poverty and the unstable political situation in the country, there are constant conflicts between tribes and communities, which are often bloody. Even in the 21st century, cases of cannibalism have been recorded in the Congo, here the highest level of rape of women, there is sexual slavery .

Moving around the Congo, especially alone, is extremely dangerous. Tourists may be involved in disassembling between tribes, many of whom are armed, or become victims of street robbers particularly avid for gold. Robbing tourists can be both criminals, and ordinary residents or street boys, for whom to remove gold and valuables from a visitor in the normal state of things. Corruption of the police is just as huge. If you are stopped by a policeman, with a probability of 90% you are on money, at best.

Despite this, Congo is still visited by travelers, mainly because of the two unique sights of the country.

1. Nyiragongo Volcano


2. Mountain gorillas, which in addition to the Congo live only in two countries in Uganda and Rwanda.


4. Sudan


In Sudan, for a long time, as a result of the conditional division of borders and ignoring the ethnic component, a civil war was fought. Since 2011, the once united country is divided into two states - directly Sudan and Southern Sudan. In both countries, the remaining armed groups continue to struggle. According to international data, the Sudan is the last refuge for terrorists who fled from other countries. The situation in the province of Darfur, where ethnic cleansing continues, remains very tense. A large number of residents of the country are forced to emigrate to the neighboring state of Chad. Sudan and South Sudan are in dispute over the Abyei region, where a large amount of oil is produced.

Radical armed groups in the Sudan did not stop their activities, which strengthened their influence during the civil war. Each territory of the Sudan has its own laws, and in some areas (which make up most of the country's territory) tourists are prohibited from entering. Anyone who violates the ban can be threatened by any danger.

Sudan has access to the Red Sea. In the seaside area there are excellent beaches with golden sand. But in a Muslim country it is not advisable to show up on beaches to women without outer clothing. In coastal waters, pirates cruise. Of the sights in Sudan, many tourists are eager to see the Meroe pyramids, the Nuba desert, and Jebel Marra mountains.

5. CAR Central African Republic

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is one of the most unstable and dangerous countries in Africa. In 2018, government forces controlled only 2/3 of the country's territory. The country is almost in a state of civil war for 60 years. One of the most violent outbreaks of violence occurred in 2013-2014. There was a massacre between Christians and Muslims. Several tens of thousands of people died. The average income of the population is 400-700 dollars a year, many live on a sum of less than $ 1 per day in equivalent for local currency. In view of this, a very large revelry of crime, and local law enforcement agencies almost do not work. A person can be killed first and then see if he has anything in his pockets. In the summer of 2018, three Russian journalists were killed in the Central African Republic, who worked on the orders of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. More about the murder of Russian journalists

6. Algeria


In Algeria, a fragile order is provided through the constant military suppression of insurrections and the persecution of terrorist (associated with Al-Qaeda) and fundamentalist (religious Islamic) groups. Not infrequently in the country, including at airports and hotels, explosions rumble and gunfire are heard. Particularly dangerous is the participation or observation of demonstrations.

This behavior of the authorities can be understood, the memory of the civil war from the very end of 1980 to 2000 is still fresh. The reasons for the unleashed by the Islamic Rescue Front (FIS) - the so-called winning party in the election - this was no less destructive for the country (in terms of the number of victims) of the war than the struggle for national liberation (1954-1962) with French colonialism. Contemporaries of those events say that the human heads hung on pillars was common.

Relatively safe area of ​​Algeria is the north of the country - the Mediterranean coast and the Atlas Mountains. A dangerous territory is the Sahara Desert, where it is not recommended to travel independently. Travel can be done only together with an organized tourist group and under reliable protection. The danger of movement in the Sahara is the same as in the neighboring countries of Tunisia or Morocco.

In no case should you intentionally or unintentionally offend the feelings of local residents. In the country there is a ban on photographing local residents, and especially photographing women and the military.

7. Zimbabwe


In Zimbabwe, there is a totalitarian regime of the president, Robert Mugabe, who today is the oldest head of state (he is 93 years old). His reforms in agriculture, which implied the expropriation of the possessions of "white" owners, led to devastation, inflation and unemployment. The level of unemployment among the adult population was 95%, and the level of inflation in 2008. record in the world - 231 million%. The growth of inflation continues to this day.


A big danger for tourists is represented by robbers and bandit formations, as well as by policemen. It is very dangerous to be on someone else's territory, because the owner can easily shoot a stranger. Due to fuel shortage and rising prices for it in the middle of Zimbabwe, you can find yourself without transport. Cases of mine explosion are very frequent here. The main thing that can attract a tourist to Zimbabwe is the numerous reserves and national parks. On the territory of this camp is the famous Victoria Falls.


8. Nigeria


The most densely populated country in Africa, Nigeria has gathered in its cordons more than 200 ethnic groups. There are often clashes between them, which largely hinders the establishment of stability in the country. Many insurgents in Nigeria are at war with government troops. Frequent clashes of bandit formations, rebels and government forces occur in the regions of Delta, Bakassi and Bayels. Here, civilians and foreigners are often kidnapped.

In addition to the danger of armed attack, tourists in Nigeria are at risk of getting yellow fever, AIDS or other dangerous diseases.

9. Kenya


Kenya is a country of African safari. This kind of entertainment among tourists is especially popular. But the walk may not be as safe as it seemed at first glance. Most of the country's population lives very poorly, which provokes them to loot and steal. In Kenya, there is a high level of AIDS. Residents of the capital Nairobi and other parts of the country can rarely be seen smiling. The streets are full of beggars and pocket thieves. The Kibera slum area in Nairobi is considered particularly dangerous. Some guides can arrange an excursion to the area, but no one will give security guarantees.

Also among local tribes in remote areas from major cities. from time to time there are armed conflicts, mainly because of livestock. Despite the unprecedented security measures undertaken by the authorities in the country, terraces occur periodically in large concentrations of people.

10. Angola


Since the beginning of the struggle for independence from Portugal (1950's) and to this day in Angola, it is troubled. For a long time, with the support of the USSR and Cuba, the country was following the communist way of development. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the ruling party reoriented itself to the United States and began to implement market reforms. But so far in the country there are armed confrontations between official authorities and the opposition. There is a brutal persecution of members of opposition parties. Under the slogan of preserving the "spiritual and cultural heritage" of Angola, mosques are being demolished in the country.

In addition to constant armed confrontations, protests, speeches, there are significant economic problems in Angola. Here there is a high level of poverty, unemployment, hunger, rampant crime. Since the war in the country, a lot of weapons have been preserved, some areas are mined. In some areas (especially in the Cabinda area), terrorist groups are spread that can attack both the police and civilians and tourists. In the capital of Angola, Luanda, street thefts are common. In public transport, wallets, bags, mobile phones are often stolen. Among the white day, and especially at night, robberies often occur. On the road, it's better not to stop anywhere.

11. Mauritania


One of the most non-tourist countries in the world, below it in the ranking, only a few countries. In a certain period, the terrorist group Al Qaeda, which several tourists were abducted, in Atar, where the UNESCO-protected cities of Ouadan and Shingitti are located, spread widely in certain regions of the country. As a result of attacks on civilians, including the killing of four French tourists in 2007, the Dakar Rally, which passed through Mauritania, in 2009 were moved to South America. In addition, the country still has slavery , which was abolished only in 2007, but in fact there are still slaves and their masters.

Africa's share of the world's freshwater reserves is about 9%, while the continent's population is about 13% of the world's population. The lowest total water in Mauritania is 0.001% of the total. And yet, not looking at anything there are people ready to visit this country.

Video trip to Mauritania - the longest and worst train in the world, 1000 year old manuscripts

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