Before a lot of people have decided to go traveling for the first time, a lot of questions: namely, how and where to start, how to book an airline ticket and a hotel, how to organize the route.

In this article I will discuss how to organize the journey from scratch. And so if we start from the beginning, then you face a choice, even if you intend to travel on their own, to buy a tour in the travel agency or book flights and hotels independently. Immediately "reservation" that for several reasons, but mainly due to considerations of economy, I am a supporter of independent travel, but there are times when to buy a tour in the travel agency even more profitable than book flights and hotels independently.

Traveling alone or buy a tour

And so in some cases more profitable to buy tours? This question depends primarily on three reasons:
1.strany your trip
2.vremeni on which you intend to travel
3.faktor seasonality
Based on the above written, it can be concluded that some areas will be more profitable to take a tour, especially when you are traveling on is not longer. Also affects the seasonal factor, that is, when a certain country's low season and offers from travel agencies look very attractive.
If you disassemble the matter by way of example.
For instance, became one of the most sought after areas of Thailand.
If you will take care in advance, a ticket to the season, that is December - March in Bangkok (from Bangkok to the resort of Pattaya 2 hours by bus), can be purchased for around 20 thousand rubles, plus or minus (2013). You want to stay in the country 8-10 days, then the rate of the three-star hotel based on double occupancy will cost you an average of 1,000 baht (1,000 rubles) per day. And of the total cost is roughly 25-27 thousand. Rubles per person. Tour to Pattaya for two in the same period in 2-3 star hotel can be purchased for 55-65 thousand rubles with breakfast for two. That is the price you will, about the same as in independent travel and when buying a round tour agency, but when buying a tour you do not need to think about, buy a tour and bathing. In this case, the choice is yours. But this option is suitable if you'll almost always is in the city, where you have bought the tour. And if you want to constantly drive on long trips or travel a bit around the country, then it is worth considering an independent journey.
If you are not afraid of modesty residence, namely, to live in the Guest House or a cheap hotel, where there will be a small room and WC on the floor, then the rate will be 300-400 baht for two persons and, accordingly, a variant of independent travel will be even cheaper. There are campsites that provide their territory to your tents, in this case the type of accommodation will be the cheapest.
Definitely worth organizing independent travel, if you are eating for a longer period, and want to travel around the country, and perhaps in the region, including several countries. A long journey, you only pay for the ticket and for the hotels, which will be live during the journey. Buying a round for a long time, with my country, you disburse a hotel where you will not live.
Another option is gaining popularity in our Mexico.
The cost of the flight to Mexico, such as Cancun about 1200$. At the same time the cost of the tour in August-September 2013 10 -14 days, some travel agencies was about 1100-1300$. That is for a smaller amount, you still get and stay. In this scenario, you can still travel without thinking that you have paid for the hotel in vain. But in this case, it may creep is a "but." In September, the airline Transaero, let charters to Cancun, the cost of the flight was just over 22 thousand rubles! If you will eat for a longer period, such as 20 or more days, respectively, the tour price will be more than the cost of tickets. Provided that you are traveling and not live in the hotel part of the tour, it makes no sense to apply to the tour agency. In this case, more advantageous to book hotels and air tickets.
One of the most popular European destinations in Russia, Greece.
Cost of the tour to Greece in June 2013, 3 * star accommodations for two for 10-12 days in some travel agencies accounted for 600 - 700$ . Minimum price ticket to Athens at that time was 300$, ie the cost of the tour was even lower than the cost of air tickets. Already since July the price of tours to Greece began to grow rapidly and benefit from the purchase of the tour was gone.

Some trends that are worth paying attention to buying rounds, under certain conditions, as an alternative to self-purchase of tickets and hotel reservations: Turkey, Egypt, India (Goa), Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica.

Important: In this section, I explained the principles for the initial planning of travel, since it is impossible to give universal advice for all occasions. When planning a trip, you need to start looking in advance the price of airline tickets, with the known cost of tours to the desired direction, depending on the season and what time it is more profitable to buy.

It is also very important to understand that everything flows, everything changes, what was profitable today may not be profitable tomorrow.


Suppose you decide to travel independently Now you face the following issues: visas and booking hotels and air tickets.

страны с безвизовым режимом
Countries with visa-free
regime and simplified
visa regime
For Russians, 2013


Personally, I am in my travels I try to visit the country, which for Russian citizens visa-free regime or simplified visa regime, when the visa can be obtained at the border crossing or place on the Internet.

Suppose you are going to a country where a visa is required. If you live in cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other, where the representation of countries, in most cases, the problems should arise. You yourself can easily go to the right office and apply for a visa, after having collected the necessary documents. If you live in the periphery, while you yourself will have to go into the city, where the embassy of the country you need or use the services of intermediaries for a fee, while deciding for yourself, as you will be more profitable to wander to pay money for travel or still pay intermediary. There are countries such as the United States, which is necessary to obtain a visa personal presence.

Booking air tickets and hotels

You decide the above questions, you now have to book a flight and hotel. To book tickets and hotels, I recommend using online services, in which the largest amount in the case of airline tickets airlines and agencies selling tickets, in cases of hotels with the highest number of services performing hotel reservations. One of the best services, booking tickets, is I'll use them to buy tickets, as it searches for 728 airline tickets, plus a large number of agencies that sell tickets.

For booking hotels I recommend service , since it involved more than 100 booking sites hotels, including the well-known leaders in this segment и

When booking hotels I recommend reading reviews about it. You can also book 1-3 days and the place is already determined to stay in this hotel or another book.
By choosing these services, you do not have to surf a few websites, comparing prices, you'll be in one place.


Come on, what you need for the traveler in a foreign country:

1. For the overwhelming majority of countries know the spoken English language school / institute program level. Have a dictionary (electronic or paper). You can also use the internet service google translator. I myself have used this service to communicate in one of the agencies in Delhi. That is our communication on 90% consisted of writing the information on the Internet service that translate everything.
2.imet plastic bank card for payment and reservations - is very desirable, but I do without her.
3.umet use the Internet - is the main tool for the independent traveler.
3.imet necessary things for travel kits, flashlights, folding knives....

By organizing the journey, you should know what you want from him. It will be a beach holiday, mountain climbing, scuba diving, shopping, you might be interested in historical sites or maybe even sex tourism. According to your preferences choose country or countries. After selecting the country, you need to know what are the requirements for her visit to this country. For example, to visit some countries are required to have a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.
Now the question is, where to get the right information. You can use guides, but sometimes in the guidebooks do not always manage to find the necessary information. Then we turn to the tourist forums for independent travelers. They will answer most of the questions.
Now the final part of the journey of preparation - preparation of the plan, it is especially important for the long route. Personally, I use a text editor that make up a table where writing in the numbers, where and in what place we are (sometimes giving a day or two in reserve), hotel addresses, which can be just stupid to show the taxi driver and he will take you to the place, sometimes even write the address bus stations. Just pointing out the cost of hotels, excursions and entertainment on a particular day. At the end I see the final amount and just in case I cover it 10%. Of course, this plan may change in the course of travel, but it will serve as a good guide.

In conclusion, I want to note that travelers have to be an independent person, able to navigate with unplanned situations, and if you have problems to have a positive attitude to life and to perceive it as an adventure.

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