Travel to the island of Koh Chang appeared in some way spontaneously. Actually we had planned to visit one of the islands in Thailand. But in what could not be determined. The choice was between the islands of Koh Chang, Phuket and Phi Phi.

And pacing the market in Siem Reap in Cambodia, my wife and I were discussing where we finish our journey beach holiday. The conversation touched on the housing prices in Koh Chang, saying how much it costs per night accommodation. And then suddenly we received a response at the same time two votes - 500 baht. It turned out that our conversation overheard a young couple compatriots. Conversation, we learned that a few days ago they were on the island and lived there in a bungalow for 500 baht on the shore of the beach Cai Be. We decided that this is a good option. The island is not near Pattaya, that is, away from civilization. At the same time, relatively far. Prior to Ko Chang to Pattaya can be reached in about 6 hours.

How to get to Koh Chang from Pattaya

And now, after Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangkok, we have come to Pattaya, something would go from there to the island of elephants and pirates. It can be accessed in several ways on Koh Chang from Pattaya.

1. Take a tour in any tour agency Pattaya. Depending on Agencies excursion may be formed in different ways. In 2008 I traveled to Koh Chang from one of the travel agencies. Package includes: English-speaking guide, visiting a Buddhist monastery on the hill not great, which is inhabited by monkeys living on the island in three star hotel, lunch and dinner in a restaurant, as well as the visit is not large, but the class of Koh Wai. For the duration of this all took 2 days. The cost at the time was about $ 200.
2. Independent method. Get on the bus to the pier, where ferries leave for Koh Chang and is already on the ferry to get to the island. Alternatively, you can on the boat will be faster, but more expensive.
3. Pay for delivery to Koh Chang in one of the travel agencies. For you come to the hotel micro bus and to deliver to the ferry, which is already booked the ticket for you. It is worth it, if I remember correctly 500-600 baht. We chose this method. Probably, the second method would come out cheaper, but just did not have time to find out what and where the bus is going to the marina with ferry. And in this case does not soared.

Prices in Koh Chang

Food:Prices in shops 7 eleven, the same as on the mainland, but at the market price is more expensive, especially fruits.
If we talk about street food ready depends on the beach, farther to the south of the island the prices are higher. Meat and chicken kebabs 10-20 baht for one shawarma 60 baht, noodle soup with soy sprouts and meat (pork, beef), from 30 Baht per serving. Café price is 2 times higher.
Prices in the shops - a slice of pizza 25 baht, drinking yoghurt 0.2 10 baht, water 1.5 liters of 15 baht. beer from 40 baht.

Accommodation: bungalows with facilities on the street about 300 baht, bungalows with amenities within 500-1,000 baht, depending on the comfort level.
Comparison Prices start from about 1500-2000 baht per night, for 2500 baht, you can make a good hotel with a swimming pool.

Transport: Public transport on Koh Chang is not, for this there are two options how to move around the island. You can rent a bike or mashiu another option taxi-minibus songteo.
Rent a bike is 150-300 baht per day depending on the season and the beach, in the month of 3000-3500 baht. Rental cars from 1000 to 2000 baht per night.
Songteo - a pick-up in the body which are benches facing each other the price depends on the distance and number of people, certainly more profitable to go now. Fare songteo from 50 to 350 baht. And try to bargain.

Чем можно заняться на Koh Changе

Отдых на Koh Changе это в первую очередь пляж, дайвинг, снорклинг (ныряние с маской и трубкой), трекинг (пешие прогулки), ну и ряд экскурсий которые предлагают местные агентства. Есть конечно экскурсии, которые не ограничиваются островом и его окрестностями. На острове очень хорошие условия для трекинга. Koh Chang второй по величине остров Thailandа, после Пхукета 70% его территории занимают джунгли. На Koh Changе есть несколько очень живописных водопадов, которые стоит посетить и искупаться в них. Да и сам остров имеет статус национального парка и власти страны очень трепетно относятся к тому, что бы цивилизация его не захватила.

Travel to Koh Chang

The next morning, after arriving in Pattaya us to the hotel I drove micro bus that took us to the pier. About an hour we waited for the departure of the ferry. Sailing time from the mainland to the island takes about forty minutes. And here we swim to the island, opening up before us virgin jungle of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Koh Chang
Virgin Jungle Koh Chang

Koh Chang Kai Bay Beach

After arriving on the island were transferred to one of the tuk-tuks waiting at the dock and told the driver that we need to get on the beach Kai Bay. Kai Bay is a resort area, along the waterfront, where the hotel is located, and to a lesser extent camping. Hotels all good standard, triple corresponds to a good four Turkish, only just a territory smaller. A little away from the beach, shops and cafes, a supermarket 7 eleven. And anyway the beach chosen by Russian tourists. There's even a restaurant serving a buffet system, which is not typical for Thailand and Russian adviser who stands at the entrance. Thais began to understand that the cute Russian soul. We later had dinner at this restaurant, the cost per person of 250 baht. The menu is quite good, including fruits, vegetables, meat and sea food.
Upon arrival to the destination, I left my wife with things in a cafe, and he went in search of refuge. Or rather a bungalow on the beach, for which we were told Russian tourists encountered in Cambodia.
Find a camping with bungalows I could not, with the cost of hotels across the housing from 2,000 baht. But we hoped for "promised" 500. And frankly, no longer wanted to live in hotels, and wanted to be closer to nature. After thirty minutes of searching, I came to the tour agency located along the road. First talk with Thais about the excursions and intrigued by a couple of sentences, I told him that I had just arrived and am looking for a house in a bungalow on the beach with the cost in the region of 500-1000 baht. He said to me, no problem, and put me on his scooter. Camping is a five minute walk from this travel agency. After examining the proposed accommodation, I went for my wife.

The camp in which we kindly brought Thai housing prices were as follows:

1. bungalows for 300 baht with amenities on the street,
2. 500 baht amenities in bungalows (shower, toilet)
3. 1000 is very comfortable, not big houses with facilities inside, they located the closest to the ocean.

We took those 500, only 100 meters from the water. After checking the first thing, of course, we decided to take a dip. Water is clear and very warm, only minus, Kai Bay Beach in the late afternoon strong tides occur, such that not even swim in full force and effect, unless the splash or just sink into the warm water and leave to nirvana.
Lightly rest, we decided to take a canoe rental and swim to a small island, which lies about 800 meters from the shore. But this task proved elusive. Even sailed from the coast 200 meters, we are constantly bumping into corals located at the water's surface such was the tide. Looking forward, as much as possible, everywhere they could be seen through the clear water corals. So we decided to turn back, leaving the idea with a canoe to the nearest days. Already podplyvaya to shore our boat, something jolted. What a strange coral, I thought. And his wife's face appeared frightened. And then out of our canoe emerges masked man with a pipe. It can be seen in the shadows, we did not see his back. I told him once, Sori, Sori. And he answered us in Russian, never mind all the guys is finely here in the evenings. 5 minutes talking about the life and the beauty of the island, we parted with an unexpected friend. Swim to shore, surrendered to hire a canoe and went to dinner at one of the local cafes. After a busy day, went to bed early.

Kai Bay Beach
Kai Bay Beach

Kai Bay Beach

Kai Bay
The hotel, which was located next to our campsite, the cost of living there from 2500 baht.

Elephant riding

The next morning, just waking up to the beach, go to the benefit of only one hundred meters. Soak up the sun and have plenty nakupavshis naplavatsya and we went to visit my tour agency yesterday.
We were interested in island hopping excursions, and since my wife is not never rode on an elephant, respectively riding on an elephant through the jungle. At present, we have planned the elephants, and the very next day, on the island hopping trip. The cost of trips to the islands of Koh Chang archipelago about 1,000 baht included barbecue. Ride an elephant was worth at the time of 400 baht. Walk through the jungle on an elephant lasts about an hour. We passed banana plantations and trees with a broom. Our mahout kindly picked us some ripe fruit. First, you go along with the drover, but then if you want you can alone, and driver will go ahead of you and take pictures or shoot video. In my opinion, this trip is well worth the money. For comparison, in Goa elephant riding it costs the same, but the last 10 minutes, but still for the photo may ask for money.
Koh Chang
Parking for elephants
Koh Chang
passed Banana Grove
Koh Chang
Our mahout, plucks ripe pomelo.
View of the head of an elephant on top

After a walk on the elephants we had again the beach. In general, the island itself has a serene tranquility.

The islands of the archipelago of Koh Chang

The next day, we went on a tour of the islands of the archipelago of Koh Chang.
Sam archipelago comprises 52 islands, the largest of which Koh Chang. All the islands course of one walk not visit but 5-6 islands are visited during one trip. Some islands are very small, they swim up solely for snorkeling or just swimming.

Koh Chang

According to the local beauty of the underwater world must not be compared to the Red Sea, but it is worthy, and the surrounding views are much more attractive and picturesque Egyptian.
There are larger islands, they can not only sunbathe, but also to spend some time.

Koh Wai

One of these islands Ko Wai. The island is about 6 km. and the width of 1.5 km. 90% of Koh Wai is covered with tropical vegetation. On the island there are two Resort, which are located on different beaches. Electricity included in the evening from the generator. Koh Wai - a kind of tropical paradise cut off from civilization. In 2008, I was fortunate to stay two days on the island. Life on it is complete relaxation and the impression being here that the rest of the world does not exist. And during our tour one French young couple stayed on Koh Wai for a few days. And my wife and I, when sailed from this island looked with envy at the lucky ones. We also wanted to stay here, but it did not work out.

Ko Wai
Koh Wai Paradise beach. Where I lived for two days in 2008. Here landed the French couple with a year-old child. Bungalow is more ascetic than the nearby beach. And for me, it's even better, closer to nature and naturalness. The cost of 200 baht a day.

Ko Wai
Koh Wai Pakarang Beach. On this beach we landed our group and we had the opportunity for an hour swim to sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of the island.

Ko Wai

Below are photos of the islands we visited, and that just sailed past.

Ko Wai
Another one of the islands on which we landed during the boat ride.

Koh Chang
Photos from the dream of paradise holiday

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Koh Chang
Sailing past the islands of

Koh Chang

In my opinion a tour of the islands is the best of offers in Koh Chang. At the same time you can admire the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand, to visit the island almost untouched by civilization, go swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters, well, go on a boat. we came back tired but very pleased with this tour. Back at camp, we saw that from the comfortable bungalows located on the beach, the guests leave. So we decided, why do not we live in it the last couple of days on the beach, that would be rising in the morning could be a running jump into okean.A evenings sitting on the porch with a cup of tea or something stronger to listen to sound of the surf. But, unfortunately, in this day full of Thais come in large numbers, some with tents, and who is not. And some of them have already taken this bungalow.

Klong Plu Waterfall

On the last day of our stay in Koh Chang, we decided to visit a waterfall Klong Plu. Klong Plu Waterfall is the highest on the island, its height is about 10 meters. water column falls into the water bowl of water which flows into the next, which already can swim. The depth of the natural pool of 7 meters. In winter, when the rains a little, not too difficult to get to the waterfall, but athletic shoes is highly recommended to wear. In the rainy season, the waterfall spreads and strong due to safety reasons, access to it is closed. But even in the dry season near Klong Plu is a person who watches the tourists, and in the late afternoon asking everyone to leave the waterfall. дорога к водопаду Клонг ПлюAt the entrance to the waterfall and the surcharge is 200 baht.
Koh Chang
the road to the waterfall Klong Plu

Klong Plu
Klong Plu Waterfall

After visiting the waterfall, we decided to buy everything you need for a farewell dinner with the island. We bought a bottle of whiskey, exotic fruits, and in the evening just before the dinner went to the restaurant where we usually have dinner kebab and baked potato. Potatoes in Thailand any expensive fruit, as the climate here does not allow it to grow, it begins to decay due to high humidity. Two small potatoes cost 60 baht. And in the evening, we settled on the shore of the ocean. Fruit skewers, good spirits, murmur of the sea, the mood was good, but it was a little sad that we are last day on the island and all our tour comes to an end. But then our serenity, violated the company of young Thais who came yesterday. They are located 20 meters away from us and began to sing a song with a guitar in the Thai language. Damn wanted to hold a farewell dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, then on to you. Well not yet settled in a bungalow on the beach, the Thais have their tunes all night sleep would not give.
But after we missed out on 150 grams of alcohol, the situation seemed to us that even very amusing. Then you and the ocean to surf, there's you and coconut palms rustle above you and beside Thai bards sing serenades - great! That's exotic! We went to sleep after midnight despite the fact that tomorrow we have been waiting for the road.
Waking up in the morning and swim the last time in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand, we hit the road to Pattaya, where we had to spend the last two days of our trip before heading home.

Koh Chang
When we left Koh Chang, this kind opened in front of us. Small fields with grazing elephants on it. Incidentally another name for the island of Koh Chang elephant, not because of the fact that there live elephants, which were brought here, and due to the fact that the shape of the island resembles an elephant's head.

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