Nepal a mysterious and exotic country, located under the roof of the world and has the highest mountain peaks - the Himalayas. Including the highest mountain Mount Everest.

Nepal is sandwiched between India and Tibet, and absorbed the culture of these two regions. The main religions in the country are Hinduism and Buddhism. In Southern Nepal, Nepal at the foot of the hill is the Lumbini - the birthplace of Buddha. Much of the tourists come to Nepal because of the Himalayas. Someone goes to the trekking for two, three days, and someone to conquer Everest. Today, travel agencies can offer Nepal Trekking in the mountains of any level of complexity. But apart from this country interesting for its culture, history, architecture and natural component. There are many places worth a visit. In this section you can get acquainted with my journey to Nepal in January - February 2012. The entire trip took nine days.

Visa to Nepal

To obtain a visa need a passport which validity not less than 6 months.
Two photos sized 3 * 4 cm.
Just you need to fill out a form for a visa in English. This can be done at the embassy or at the intersection of the borders, as well as online at the Nepalese representation 

For US citizens visa for up to 30 days is issued free of charge at the border.

The personal experience of a visa

I was getting a visa at the border crossing between India and Nepal - Sonauli. Sonauli Before I got on the bus from Gorakhpur on the bus, which is about 3 hours, the fare of about 100 INR.
From the bus station to the emigration office about 15 minutes walk. The border crossing is very strange, I almost did not passed by and could easily take place in Nepal without a visa.
Problems with obtaining a visa is not what was not, I got it for 15 minutes.

Leave and Gorakhpur, it is necessary early in the morning on the first bus or jeep, otherwise you can not make it to the transport that is sent to the border such as Pokhara and have to spend the night at the border.

Nepal border crossing Sonauli road to the immigration office.

Nepal prices

Prices in Nepal are not too different, if not to take into account the high mountain village in the Himalayas. As an example I will give prices in Kathmandu.

Prices for accommodation: Normal room in a cheap hotel or hostel from 5-8 $ with hot water, a good number of about $ 20, expensive hotels in the neighborhood of $ 100.

Food prices: breakfast for two in the budget café 700 Nepalese rupees, dinner for two 800-1,000 Nepalese rupees liter bottle of water is 15 rupees a bottle of beer Nepalese Rs 175, Rs 270 Nepali rum small bottle.

Prices of transport: taxi from Kathmandu Airport 200 rupees taxi in the city and surrounding area of 100-300 rupees.

Nepal travel


Pokhara's second largest city of Nepal. The main reason for which the tourists come here, is that from here starts walking mrashruty the mountains of Annapurna. The town itself is not much noticeable. Its main attraction is a very picturesque lake Phewa. On one of the shores of the lake is a hill from which in good weather offers a great view of the Himalayas. Read more, see photos.

Trekking in the Himalayas in the Annapurna National Park


Pokhara is the starting point of trekking in the Annapurna region. Hence there are a large number of routes, from one day to several weeks. In Pokhara has an airport from which you can fly to Jomsom (2770), the capital of Mustang. Ticket cost about $ 80, the flight time of 30-40 minutes. Some tourists after arrival in Dzhomosom go down back to Pokhara and some higher into the mountains. As an alternative to reach Jomsom and walk back to the plane. Very popular route up the hill Poon Hill (Poon Hill) 3210 m., Since it does not require a very serious physical training for mountaineering and it offers a magnificent view of the Himalayas. Read more, see photos.


Kathmandu is the capital and largest city of Nepal, with a population of over a million people. Until the 16th century the city was called Kantipur - a beautiful city. Many tourists come here that would go on trekking in the mountains. In my opinion the city pylnovat and dirty. But it is worth to stay for two or three days, by the fact that there is a place definitely worth visiting. Especially in Kathmandu have tourist district of Thamel, which is very suitable for living and in terms of prices and in terms of conditions, dirt is less than in the rest of the city. A 10-12 dollars, you can not remove a bad hotel room. And shopping in Thamel probably one of the best. Read more, see photos.


Bhaktapur is one of the three great cities of Nepal. The city is located 15 kilometers from Kathmandu. In the 14-17 centuries Bhaktapur was the capital of the Kingdom of Nepal. Since then, there remains a huge number of historical monuments. In consequence, in the central part of the movement is severely restricted, this walk around the city is very pleasant. And at times because of the abundance of ancient palaces and temples is a feeling that you are in the ancient city of another world. Read more, see photos.

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