Uganda - a country in East Africa, an area of only 236,040 square kilometers. But despite its not large, Uganda has a lot of merits for which to visit this interesting, amazing and unique country.

Uganda Pearl of Africa

Uganda Map

In Uganda, there is almost everything that might be interested in almost every traveler. But the main attraction of the country is its nature affecting the landscape diversity and the richness of the animal and plant world. Traveling to Uganda, you can see mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes, and in the upper room with the Congo are impenetrable jungle. On the territory of the country is located the largest lake in Africa, including Viktoria. In Uganda originates the largest river in the world Nile. Here are Ruwenzori mountains, It is an ancient ecosystem of the planet, and they are considered one of the last places on Earth that are hardly understood by man. A flora of these mountains, they are called Mountains of the Moon, almost unchanged since the birth of mankind. And it was here in East Africa, the human race in its infancy.

In Uganda, ten national parks that are full of all living creatures. But the main attraction of the animal world of Uganda are mountain gorillas,which all the world there are about 500 individuals. These animals have found their refuge in the reserve Bwindi. If you want thrills, then you can go trekking in the mountains, to conquer the highest peak of Uganda Margaret summit (5109 m.), Or rafting on the Nile, breaking the fifth-level thresholds. At the same time as the rafting, and trekking in the offered programs of varying complexity.

Well, if you want the thrill of a different kind, it is necessary to go to Kampala, capital of Uganda, there is a casino, bars and discos, while local girls can you make the company, including at night. Sex tourism in Kampala, has received a large development. For many girls, sex with tourists, is the second job. But here we must be very careful in the country a very large percentage of infected AIDS.

In Uganda, perhaps the most comfortable climate on earth.The temperature here does not fall below 16 degrees or rises above 30. The former president Idi Amin offered part-eater, move the UN headquarters in Uganda since, here, "the geographical heart of the planet". And when in 1908, a young and promising politician Sir Winston Churchill, visited the country, he said, "Uganda is the pearl of Africa". To examine and explore all the attractions of the country will need more than one week of travel.

I'm with a friend, Mikhail Karelin visited Uganda in January 2013. My trip to this country lasted 6 days and was part of a tour of four African countries: Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda - Tanzania (Zanzibar island). Of course, 6 days for this country is very small and we try to see in Uganda as possible what you do not see in other countries. Firstly it is the country's capital Kampala, and secondly is not affected by civilization Mount Ruwenzori (Mountains of the Moon), which have been put on the map only in 1906.

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Uganda's climate

Uganda country of eternal summer. Perhaps it is here that the most comfortable climate on earth. Uganda temperature is never below 16 and above 30 degrees (except mountainous sites).
The average temperatures of the warmest month of January 17 - 24 degrees, and the coldest July 16 - 21. In Uganda, the two rainy period is April - May and September - October, annual precipitation - 1000-1200 mm.

Uganda hotel

What to do, where to go and what to see in Uganda

Uganda is a small country, but despite its size, can offer tourist and travel a lot for leisure and entertainment, ranging from safaris and ending sex tourism.
Of course, the main attraction of the country's wealth and is its nature. So what is so remarkable is, in Uganda.

Safari and natural attractions
The country has ten national parks. Probably, Uganda National Parks can not be compared with the wildlife parks of Kenya and Tanzania, but in Uganda have mountain gorilla, almost half of all of mountain gorillas in the world. House of mountain gorillas in Uganda is the Bwindi National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - is one of the youngest national parks in Uganda, also known as an impenetrable forest. Area Park 330 sq. km., and its main pride are the mountain gorillas, whose population is more than 300 individuals. This is almost half of all people living in the land of mountain gorillas. A visit to the mountain gorillas fun is not cheap, about $ 500, especially any who are not 100% guarantee that you'll see them. But as they say, in any case you will not be disappointed, because in these places unique atmosphere and nature. Just Bwindi inhabit large herds of elephants, about 10 species of monkeys, you can also see the rare giant forest boar. At the same time, the park offers tours to various waterfalls and organized rafting and Munyagi Muzabidzhiro.
Sese Islands
Sese Islands - a group of islands located in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria. The islands escaped the impact of civil wars and hardly affected by an industrial human influence. The islands are home to a separate ethnic group "basese", with its own language, culture and folklore. Their whole life takes place in fishing, cultivation of coffee, vegetables and fruits. Here you can watch the hippos, crocodiles, as it is home to several species of monkeys and lots of birds. The islands also well suited for fishing, swimming and water sports.
Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon)
Rwenzori Mountains - is an ancient ecosystem of the planet. The flora here has changed little since the first human beings. To visit these places is almost equivalent to a ride on a time machine to the distant past.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Uganda safari

Trekking in the mountains and mountaineering
In Uganda, organized various trekking in the mountains, ranging from the simplest one-day walks in the mountains Ruwenzori (Mountains of the Moon) and ending with the ascent to the highest point of the peak Margaret Uganda (5109 m.). To climb to the top of the serious need climbing equipment.

For thrill-seekers in Uganda organized rafting. One of the options is a white-water rafting on the Nile. fifth level thresholds will satisfy any extreme.

Rafting on the White Nile

Горы Рувензори - Восхождение на пик Маргарет

Cultural and historical attractions
In Kampala You can visit the National Museum, Muslim Supreme Council (Supreme Council Mosque), Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, Nommo art gallery, National Theatre, to inspect the building of the Parliament of Uganda. You can also visit the Tomb of Kasubi, although little of it that remains after a fire during riots in 2010.
In Entebbe located geological and zoological museum, and botanical garden. The airport is famous for the fact that here in 1976, Israeli commandos freed over 100 hostages seized by Palestinian terrorists. During the operation killed three hostages and two commandos, one of which Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, brother of Benjamin, Prime Minister of Israel. Seven terrorists and dozens of Ugandan soldiers were killed.
City Jinja (60 km north-east of Kampala.) - Here you can see the old Asian-style buildings, surprisingly enough for these places. These buildings remained after those days, when there was a great influence Asian community and the city was one of the centers of Hinduism in Africa. This is one of those places on which Mahatma Gandhi bequeathed to dispel his ashes. Not far from Jinja is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Busoga - Bugembe.

Uganda sex tourism and nightlife

Nightlife and sex tourism in Uganda are mainly concentrated in the capital Kampala. In Kampala, a casino, and enough bars and nightclubs, at various levels. As an option - Anzheno club, club Anzheno European average has 3 floors and six dance floors. entry price Men 10,000 - 15,000 UGX, girls 3000 - 5000 UGX. If you need a girl for the night, most likely for these purposes suitable Rock Garden P.O. Box 7036 Nile Avenue Kampala Uganda +256 256 414 259 221, you can have a good time, to dance, drink and leave, accompanied by African beauties. The price of sex services an average of $ 20-25.

Uganda transportation

Uganda is a good starting point to many African countries. In the east, the country borders with Kenya, on the north by Sudan, on the west by the Congo, and in the south of Rwanda, and Tanzania. In Tanzania, you can get both by land and water sailed through Lake Victoria.

Bus station in Kampala. In this case, some matatu.

Very popular in Uganda are minibuses - matatu that run both on urban routes, and on long-distance. A feature of a trip to the matatu is the fact that instead of 8-10 people in the car can become clogged up 20. We were once so I had to go a few hours of Kasese Mbarara. In such cases, if you are afraid of closeness, you should sit in the front seat to the driver.
Buses a more comfortable mode of transport for the movement both between the cities of Uganda and neighboring countries.
Of course there are taxis in Uganda. Probably, almost all hotels and Guest House have taxi drivers who are constantly working with those institutions, which in addition to transfer can enjoy a sightseeing tour of the city. Also it is easy to go out and stop any private trader.
Boda-boda - a motorcycle with a sidecar or a motorcycle. Boda-boda more economical form of transport and it is a good alternative to a taxi to move to is not very long distances.
Bicycle taxi
In Uganda, widespread, especially in the periphery, this particular kind of transport as bicycles taxi. This is the most economical form of transport, but far it does not go, although its function it performs, drive to the store or bus station, please.
It is worth noting that for Mzungu (so-called white in many African countries) taxis, the fare will be higher than the amount called for local. So that will not be superfluous to bargain, we can bring down the price by 20-50%.

Bicycle taxis Kasese town.

Uganda security

Uganda can be called safe country, subject to basic security measures - not to wander in the evenings on the back streets and the outskirts, and if somewhere has to get in the evening or at night, it is best to do it on boda-boda or taxi.
We have been in Uganda a week and during that time to us even once, no one has shown aggression. Moreover, when we arrived in Mbarara that would go on to follow in Rwanda, a local man took us to the hotel, has shown, where you can book tickets to Rwanda and warned that in the evening on the nearest shop is not worth going. We only had one case where we left the bus on the seat bag with toiletries, and when they returned it was gone, and most likely not have to watch what's inside, but simply stole quick and everything.

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