How not to burn out at the volcano. Top 7 most abrupt volcanic planet available to the public. During my travels I try to visit interesting and most unusual places. Some of these places are volcanoes. Many volcanoes attract travelers with its beauty and danger.

This article will introduce the Top 7 rated the coolest volcanoes on our planet some of which I was fortunate enough to visit. At the end of the article Video of my trip to the volcano №1 of this ranking.


7 Masaya Volcano Nicaragua
Nicaragua Masaya Volcano is part of the first and largest National Park Nicaragua. The first volcano on which I visited. The Indians called the Volcano "Fire Mountain," and the Spanish conquerors called the Volcano "Throat of Fire". What would expel evil spirits they put the cross on the edge of the crater. The volcano is located 20 km from the city of Managua and to reach it is not too difficult if you have already fallen in Nicaragua. Next to the crater is even parking, but by the rules of car it is necessary to pose in front of the exit to the case of the eruption.

 Masaya Volcano

The last eruption was in 2008 

Masaya Volcano

6 Volcano Kluchevskoy - Russia Kamchatka
Kamchatka can rightly be called a country of volcanoes. The most beautiful volcano of Kamchatka volcano considered Kluchevskoy. In addition, he is the tallest volcano on the mainland of Eurasia height ranges from 4750 to 4850 meters.

Volcano Kluchevskoy

Вместе с тем подняться к кратеру вулкана не так просто, нужно обладать хорошей физической подготовкой что бы это сделать. В связи с этим местные тур агентства предполагают для  подъема к кратеру более доступные вулканы. Вулкан извергается в среднем 1 раз в пять лет.


5 Pacaya Volcano Guatemala
Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. This is another volcano on which I was able to visit. This is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the height of 2522 meters above sea level. Those wishing to visit the volcano on the first car to deliver the special transport platform. Then for about one and a half hours last ascent to the crater, visitors can rent a horse to lift for a fee.

Pacaya Volcano

The last eruption was in 2010, but still remained the hottest niches and the cone of the volcano smoke.

Pacaya Volcano

One of the attractions when visiting the volcano is cooking in hot niches. I witnessed like a girl melted sole sneakers on and she had to sit on a horse.

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano

Sunset on the volcano Pacaya

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano


Now hot foursome.

In the world there are five volcanoes with the active lava lake in one of these volcanoes is located in Antarctica Erebus volcano, as well as a visit to Antarctica can afford not all, much less climb the volcano in Antarctica will be unity, then the volcano is not included in the rating.

4 Kilauea Volcano - Hawaii 
The volcano rises to 1247 meters above sea level. Most of the Kilauea volcano is part of the "Khawaja-Volkeynos" National Park. At the top is a huge caldera of Kilauea; She rounded a 3 × 4 km. It is Halemaumau crater, featuring, who again became active in 2008, out of it constantly comes out volcanic gas column and bubbling lava lake. The nearest towns to the volcano - Hilo Airport (50 km) and Con (150 km), where the national park buses, and you can use rented transport or order a car with a driver. Access to the reserve free and not limited by time frames, and equipped to the inspection sites and to visit the volcano Kilauea suited to a safe distance hiking trails.


Kilauea Volcano

3 Marum crater, the volcano Abrim - Vanuatu
Abrim active volcano on the island of Vanuatu, vystota above sea level 1334 meters. Throughout the history of the volcano is almost always present volcanic activity. Since 1996 to the present time the volcano does not stop its activity in the crater is constantly bubbling lava. On a clear day Marum lava lake can be seen standing on the brow of the crater. 

Marum crater

Travellers wishing to see the volcano crater hire local guides for this. And the bravest may go down even closer to the crater using climbing equipment and special protective suits.

volcano Marum

Marum crater

2 Nyiragongo Volcano Congo
Visit the volcano Nyiragongo, combined with certain difficulties, since it is located in one of the most stable countries in Africa did not, with a huge level of corruption and crime. In fact, any policeman can easily take away from you all the photos and videos, and it is not a serious thing that can happen in the Congo. And given the fact that in the Congolese jungle, including in the area of ​​the volcano periodically activated by the rebels, then a visit to the volcano is associated with greater risk. But despite that travelers from different countries tend to visit the volcano, of course, and the mass of the question.

Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano

1 Volcano Erta Ale Ethiopia
In addition to the volcano Erta Ale in my opinion the most interesting and most accessible to visit it is in one of the most unique and hottest places on our planet Danakil desert, in which there are two unique creation of nature this Dallol crater is not known for its terrestrial landscapes, and Salt lake Assal. So a visit to the volcano can be combined with a visit to these places.

Volcano Erta Ale

Video journey to the desert Danakil - volcano Erta Ale, Dallol, Salt Lake Assal

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